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God of War Ragnarok lifespan: How many hours to finish the game?

God of War Ragnarok lifespan: How many hours to finish the game?

We give you our estimates on the lifespan of the big PS4, PS5 game of this end of the year: GoW Ragnarok is ready to decimate everything in its path and we have already raked it up and down. Find out how long you will need to complete the game whether it is for the story or 100%.

To say that God of War Ragnarok is one of the biggest expectations of this end of the year is an understatement. And for having already completed it at 100%, we can confirm that you will get your money's worth, with a title of a good length. Some might find it a bit long for such a narrative game, but by interspersing story phases and secondary phases, it's hard to let go of the controller. In this guide, we will see how long it will take you to complete the game in a straight line, with its side quests, or by completing all the content.

Finish the game in a straight line

The first estimates spoke of about twenty hours, but it is still significantly longer than that. It's an epic journey through all the realms of Norse mythology and parts of the storyline require you to pass through some of them again. Nevertheless, we strongly advise you not to be satisfied with the different stages of The Way: many side quests developing the characters and the kingdoms of the game are to be nabbed everywhere and they give more open and posed moments, welcome to make the whole more digestible adventure. But if you want to finish the game in a straight line on normal difficulty mode, you can expect 25 to 30 hours of play.

God of War: Ragnarok

Finish the game with the side quests

There are many services requested by the inhabitants of the 9 worlds, as well as all the discoveries you will make by exploring the open areas of the game. There are about forty side quests, ranging from the simple mission of eliminating monsters without much interest in the release of giant beasts revealing new regions altogether. Once the credits pass, you will still have plenty of things to complete in the world and new opportunities to take to improve Kratos. On normal difficulty, finishing the game with all story content should take you 50 hours.

God of War: Ragnarok

Complete the game 100%

The complete salad, tomato, onion, with the destruction of all the crows, the victory over all the ultimate bosses that hide in all the kingdoms and the obtaining of the very many knowledges. Since no trophy is linked to the maximum difficulty of the game, completing God of War Ragnarok at 100% should grant you the famous platinum trophy. Without the help of our walkthrough, you will need 65 to 70 hours of play to successfully complete all the content lists established on the map and reach the famous 100% world completion.

God of War: Ragnarok

Complete the game 100% on God of War difficulty

You have decided to break your teeth on the maximum difficulty mode of Ragnarok? Well, a heavy task awaits you, but it is far from insurmountable: the game is very generous with checkpoints throughout the adventure, making multiple attempts less frustrating. However, unless you're a big family PGM, the GoW difficulty is going to mean you're going to grind your teeth for hours on end on the secondary bosses and on some packs of more pissed off than average enemies. To get 100% in God of War mode, which involves desoldering the most powerful enemies of the 9 worlds, we took more than 85 hours. We will come back to this difficulty in a dedicated guide.

God of War: Ragnarok
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