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LoL Guide, Build for Aurelion Sol, Mid, S10

Aurelion Sol
LoL Guide, Build for Aurelion Sol, Mid, S10

Aurelion Sol Mid League of Legends Season 10 Guide - Find our tips, items, and runes to play the Star Forger who costs 6300 Blue Essences.

LoL Guide, Build for Aurelion Sol, Mid, S10


League of Legends


Starting Items

Starting the game with Corrupting Potion allows you to easily push the first waves of minions. At first back, you can buy a Dark Seal to improve the effectiveness of your potion.


  • Boots of Swiftness are essential for Aurelion Sol because the boost to move speed greatly facilitates the placement of his Passive - Center of the Universe, which is his main source of damage.
  • If there is a lot of AP or crowd control on the enemy team, Mercury's Treads can be preferred.

Core Items

  • Hextech GLP-800 offers Aurelion Sol a surplus of mana and health which is essential to surviving in the lane, in addition to giving an active ability that slows down opponents within the targeted area.
  • Liandry's Torment allows the Star Forger to destroy most tanky opponents, inflicting damage according to their health.
  • Rylai's Crystal Scepter is essential for permanently slowing your opponents with your abilities, ensuring that you deal as much damage as possible. In addition, it offers a good bonus to your health.
  • Zhonya's Hourglass can counter heavy burst or simply mitigate physical damage, while Banshee's Veil can counter engagement spells and magic damage.

Situational Items

  • Taking Rabadon's Deathcap in the late game prevents Aurelion Sol from running out of steam in terms of inflicting damage.
  • Void Staff ignores much of any magic resistance the enemy team may be accumulating.

How to Play Aurelion Sol

Aurelion Sol is a champion focused on map control and lane pressure.

The range of his spells means you will be relatively safe in your first few levels, making him a very good pick.

  • Level 1: use your W - Celestial Expansion to push your lane as quickly as possible in order to get to Level 2.
  • Level 2: Taking E- Comet of Legend allows you to force your opponent back under his turret and help your allies by roaming where you please.
  • Level 3: The strategy will be the same as at Level 2 — except now you have your Q - Starsurge, which offers a zonal stun which is rather practical for botlane ganks.
  • First back: Make sure you have more than 1250 gold before you return to base, in order to buy Catalyst of Aeons and maybe even Boots of Switftness and a Control Ward.



Tips & Tricks

  • If you launch your Q - Starsurge then E - Comet of Legend, the star will follow you. The combo is then easy to land on your opponent's position.
  • Your R - Voice of Light will be a complex spell to land. Feel free to use it as an initiation to slow the enemy, or during a team fight if one of the carries is immobilized.
  • After you Recall and purchase items, you can quickly return to your lane thanks to E - Comet of Legend, losing as little farm and experience as possible!

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