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Hearthstone Descent of Dragons Deck Guide: Pirate Warrior

Descent of Dragons
Hearthstone Descent of Dragons Deck Guide: Pirate Warrior

Yarr! Hoist the black flag! It's time to discover how to board the ladder thanks to this incredibly strong Pirate Warrior!

Hearthstone Descent of Dragons Deck Guide: Pirate Warrior

We hadn't seen him for a long time in Hearthstone, so give a warm welcome to the Pirate Warrior from Descent of Dragons! If it is not as dominant as other decks on the tier list, it does very well and will offer you some very nice games.

Incoming Balance Changes

Blizzard announced some incoming nerfs that should directly impact this deck. While we still don't know exactly what is going to change, we can't tell if this decklist will be still viable after them. If you want to try it out, do it quickly!

Pirate Warrior — TnraAy

Code: AAECAQcEyAOvBN6tA4KxAw0csAL/A9QF7gbnB53wAp+hA/WoA9ytA92tA+iwA+mwAwA=

New cards: Skyraider, Parachute Brigand, Ancharrr, Skybarge, Hoard Pillager, Faceless Corruptor

With a pirate deck, you can't expect control and a slow deck. The very idea of the deck is based on the boarding of your opponent. No respite should be given to him in order to finish him off as quickly as possible with an Arcanite Reaper or a well placed Leeroy Jenkins. If you were looking for finesse, you'd have to come back, this is a war between the sailors!

For your ideal T1, you need a Skyraider and one (or two, let's be crazy) Parachute Brigand. If a 1/2 and two 2/2 on turns one doesn't seem interesting enough to you, we can't do anything for you anymore! The next goal is to constantly add threats to weaken your opponent. Skybarge is a considerable addition that takes the place of Ship's Canon that unfortunately rotated out to Wild mode a while ago. The 2 random damages after summoning a Pirate are perfect to clean the board or reduce your enemy's health points.

Ancharrr allows you to draw your pirates with consistency. Feel free to use your weapons, because the Hoard Pillager is here! A third Arcanite Reaper will never be too much to destroy your opponents! The deck makes also use of Faceless Corruptor which allows you to add two big threats with Rush on the board. You'll find it quite easily thanks to Town Crier, that can only draw it and Restless Mummy.

Your few cards with Charge will mainly be there to finish the game, or to prepare the final move that will come just after. Captain Greenskin is a must-have that adds power to your weapons while offering them more durability: a pleasure!

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