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Hearthstone — Ashes of Outland deck tier list

Ashes of Outland
Hearthstone — Ashes of Outland deck tier list

You were looking forward to it, that's it! The Ashes of Outland extension has just been released and, with it, new archetypes. Here's a recap of the best decks.

Hearthstone — Ashes of Outland deck tier list

The Tier List is the ranking provided by the Millenium editorial staff for the Standard Hearthstone decks of the current season meta. This index usually lists the most played decks on the ladder, ranked according to their popularity, performance and effectiveness in the ascension to Legend, as well as when the Legend rank has been reached.

Update — May 6

With the recent release of Ashes of Outland, we're currently updating this tier list along with the evolution of the meta.


Tempo Demon Hunter

Spell Druid

Galakrond Warlock


Highlander Rogue

Highlander Mage

Highlander Hunter

OTK Demon Hunter

Galakrond Priest

Big Druid

Spell Mage


Highlander Priest

Evolve Shaman

Dragon Hunter

Galakrond Rogue

Token Demon Hunter

Bomb Warrior


Face Hunter

Embiggen Druid

Totem Shaman

Libram Paladin

Dragon Druid

Malygos Rogue

Dragon Paladin

Shaman Galakrond

Control Warrior

Galakrond Priest

Highlander Demon Hunter

Beast Hunter

All new Ashes of Outland cards revealed

Are you ready to tackle Ashes of Outland? Here's everything you need, including all the new cards, to theorycraft your way out of the new expansion is in this article!


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