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Hearthstone Ashes of Outland Deck Guide: Tempo Demon Hunter

Ashes of Outland Deck Guides
Hearthstone Ashes of Outland Deck Guide: Tempo Demon Hunter

The power of the Demon Hunter is not usurped. Despite the nerf of four of its cards, the Tempo archetype currently reigns over the meta...

Hearthstone Ashes of Outland Deck Guide: Tempo Demon Hunter

The Ashes of Outland expansion has finally arrived in Hearthstone bringing the Demon Hunter — the first new class added to the game in six years of existence!

Obviously, the introduction of this new class shook the meta upside down — especially since Ashes of Outland also introduces two new keywords, as well as a new type of cards: Primes.

With this in mind, we drafted this guide based on the decklists of Jon "Orange" Westberg and Joffrey "Swidz" Cunat to help you understand how to play it properly.

Tempo Demon Hunter - Orange

Code: AAECAc7WAwTMugPDvAPaxgP5yAMNlwb5rgO6tgOLugPEvAPgvAONvQO6xgPHxgPZxgPVyAP3yAPyyQMA

New cards: Twin Slices, Manaburn, Cirmson Sigil Runner, Battlefiend, Umberwing, Sightless Watcher, Spectral Sight, Altruis the Outcast, Eye Beam, Satyr Overseer, Kayn Sunfury, Warglaves of Azzinoth , Metamorphosis, Skull of Gul'dan


Extremely versatile, this deck can finish off your opponent as quickly as it can get you out of a disadvantage.

In Mulligan try to keep Crimson Sigil Runner, to take advantage of the Outcast, Battlefiend, to get some pressure from the start, and Frenzied Felwing to combine with the latter and make popper two 1/1. Draw and token are what is called an ideal early. The Battlefiend can quickly become annoying for your opponent. Your heroic power for 1 mana and the spell Twin Slices can quickly make it powerful while getting rid of the enemy threat. Otherwise, Blazing Battlemage will do just fine.

On the other hand, the pressure should not be released. While your opponent is concentrating on your first minions, what could be better than a Satyr Overseer or a Questing Adventurer? Be careful not to play the latter too early. If you think that your opponent does not have what it takes to take care of it, why not, but if not, take your time. If it survives, the Spells Twin Slices and Eve Beam with its Outcast, will allow you to destroy a taunt while buffing your minion. If you can put damage to the enemy hero before your Questing Adventurer attack, add a Frenzied Felwing for 0, to complete the conquest of the board.

Are you starting to run out of steam and lack the cards to put the pressure on? Spectral Sight and Skull of Gul'dan spell recycle your deck so you can find the best solution. Make sure to take advantage of the Outcast, especially with the Skull of Gul'dan. Cards that cost 3 less mana are significant. This can give you combos to control the opposing board or to destroy your enemy.

And yes, we must not forget that this archetype is very versatile. Each card can be used defensively and aggressively. For example, Metamorphosis can bring your opponent closer to defeat by facing, but can also handle an obnoxious servant. Altruis the Outcast can scratch a board alone, while damaging the opposing hero. Warglaves of Azzinoth will be used to control one or more minions before hitting the hero in the same turn. The legendary servant Kayn Sunfury can allow you to control a servant, hidden behind a taunt, or offer you the finishing move. The Demon Hunter is on all fronts.

However, it is not won in advance. The start of this meta is very disputed and everyone is wary of the Demon Hunter and his very good winrate. So much so that decks to counter it have emerged, such as the Priest Ground Anti DH. But the real enemy, the bad matchup, the rival in the conquest of the ladder is none other than the Warlock Galakrond. Beware!

Burn your opponents to the flesh with our OTK Demon Hunter deck guide!

The different Demon Hunter archetypes are currently swarming on the ladder. Among them, an OTK decklist made the meta tremble from the first days...


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