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Hearthstone, Ashes of Outland: Primes, the new card type

Ashes of Outland
Hearthstone, Ashes of Outland: Primes, the new card type

In addition to the new game mechanics and the new class brought by the new expansion, a new type of card also appears: the Primes.

Hearthstone, Ashes of Outland: Primes, the new card type

With the first expansion of the Year of the Phoenix, Ashes of Outland, the addition of the Demon Hunter to Hearthstone isn't the only new feature. Of course, two new keywords — Dormant and Outcast — are playing a major role, but we must not forget the new type of cards that will also appear on April 7: the Primes.

There should be one Prime card per class in this expansion, and each of them refers to a boss from the World of Warcraft Burning Crusade expansion, or at least a notable character from the expansion's lore.

The principle of these cards is rather simple, and an example is better than a long speech.

Let's assume you have Lady Vashj in your hand (the version in (3)). Upon her death, and as specified in her Deathrattle, she will reshuffle a card named Prima Vashj in your deck, which will have superior characteristics and effects (and will also cost more, (7) in this case).


(It goes without saying that if Lady Vashj is reduced to Silence beforehand, her Primus version will not be remixed upon her death).

Of course, each Primus will have its specificity: the Druid has access to a huge double threat when played, and the Warrior is able to play with the evolved version of Kargath Bladefist.


What do you think of this new type of card? How do you think it will affect the meta? Feel free to drop your opinion in the comment section below!

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Jérémie Mathis

Associate Editor - MGG FR

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