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Rocket League World Championship cancelled due to coronavirus

Rocket League World Championship cancelled due to coronavirus

COVID-19 continues to impact esports events worldwide, with Rocket League the latest to be affected.

Rocket League World Championship cancelled due to coronavirus

Psyonix studio has just announced that the Rocket League Championship Series (RLCS), featuring the World Championship of season 9 in Dallas, Texas, is canceled. The cause of the suspension is the current COVID-19 Coronavirus. In order to avoid confined gatherings of several thousand people — the hall had 6,860 seats — the staff preferred to play it safe.

In its press release, the studio explains that the safety and health of the players and spectators is crucial, adding that they are exploring all possible options to move forward. All the online deadlines for season 9 are nevertheless maintained.

In the last few weeks the virus has disrupted many gaming events. After the LPL and LCK on League of Legends, Overwatch League matches, it is now E3 that is threatened with postponement or even possible cancellation.

Riot Games suspends LCK due to coronavirus

The interruption of the Korean league comes only a few days after the announcement of the online resumption of the Chinese league.

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