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LoL - Ask Riot: Fiddlesticks' Rework and New TFT Galaxies

LoL - Ask Riot: Fiddlesticks' Rework and New TFT Galaxies

In the last Ask Riot, the team focused on Fiddlesticks, adding new galaxies, and new lands to explore in the universe of League of Legends.

LoL - Ask Riot: Fiddlesticks' Rework and New TFT Galaxies

A new Ask Riot has just been released for League of Legens and TFT. Don't forget that you too, can always ask your questions to Riot Games !

Fiddlesticks and Nocturne

It's been about three weeks since the Fiddlesticks' Rework has joined the Rummoner's Rift. Ryan 'Reav3' Mireles , chief producer of the creation of champions, explains the reinvention of Fiddlesticks , and is keen to differentiate it well from Nocturne. Comparing Fiddlesticks to monsters from slashers while he associates Nocturne with a more psychological horror, directly related to the human psyche.

New continents on the League of Legends map?

Riot Games is not against adding new territories. If we know that other countries exist, thanks to champions such as Neeko and Qiyana, or the Ledos map of Legend of Runeterra, Riot Games intends to explore other stories and continents ... soon!

Shurima has not yet revealed all its secrets ... - League of Legends
Shurima has not yet revealed all its secrets ...

“But we definitely do know of events that have taken place outside of the known map. Many of the oldest civilizations in Shurima came from a westward cultural migration, meaning that there are (or at least were) much older civilizations in unknown lands far to the east. Neeko’s vastayan tribe, the Oovi-kat, also appear to have suffered some sort of catastrophe in fairly recent times, forcing her to flee into what is now known to be Ixtal. It’s also very likely that the original homeland of Hecarim, Kalista, and Ledros existed somewhere else, since there is no clear indication that this kingdom continued to exist anywhere in Valoran, after the Ruination of the Blessed Isles."

New galaxies in TFT?

Good news, new galaxies will be added to each patch! This week, Riot Games added the Tarde Sector and the Superdense Galaxy, the first gives a free Reroll per turn to each player, while the second offers everyone a free Force of nature when they reach level 5. Next patch, Riot Games will add two new galaxies:

  • The Treasure Trove Galaxy which will give a loot orb at each round
  • A galaxy to add two-star champions to the carousel (already being tested on the PBE)
League of Legends

Overall, Riot Games is quite satisfied with these new mechanics but does not rule out removing those that do not add new interesting strategies to your gameplay.

BMW partners with Cloud9, Fnatic, FunPlus Pheonix and G2 Esports

After sponsoring several League events, notably the LEC Finals in 2017, BMW is teaming up with five of the world's greatest esports teams that are now "united in rivalry".

Antagoniste Millenium

Vous verrez plus de choses les yeux fermés.

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