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LoL: Gameplay Thoughts: Clash, event rewards and Galaxy on TFT

LoL: Gameplay Thoughts: Clash, event rewards and Galaxy on TFT

It's time for tome Quick Gameplay Thoughts by Andrei "Meddler" van Roon, Game Director for Riot Games. This time subjects are Clash mode, the League of Legends event rewards, and the Galaxy system for Teamfight Tactics.

LoL: Gameplay Thoughts: Clash, event rewards and Galaxy on TFT

As always, subjects discussed on Quick LoL Thoughts are no set in stone. Things are subject to change. In this edition Andrei "Meddler" van Roon addresses the subject of Clash, the rewards for events of League of Legends, and the Galaxy system for TFT.


Since Clash was announced, the game mode has experienced many setbacks. However, its launch was a resounding success, setting new records. Some regions even experienced a 90% increase in participation. Riot Games is now focusing on bug fixes, such as the one preventing players from trading champions in the lobby. In addition, the next target will be smurfs; Riot Games currently removes the rewards from the accounts identified as such. However, this is not enough, Riot Games will try another approach, details will come soon.

League of Legends

In addition, Clash has increased the number of players in the ranked games in flex mode. In some regions, this figure has doubled! This demonstrates that players are using the flex queue to train.

Event rewards

Meddler wishes to reconsider the investment that an event pass requires in order to obtain a prestige skin. To illustrate this, he used a graph to represent the rewards that the different changes on the passes have brought. Riot Games will therefore increase the tokens earned during missions with the weekly victories for the next events. For example, when Riot Games used daily wins rather than weekly wins, an average player with the pass only got about 18 wins of the day. However, all players who have purchased a pass successfully complete all of the missions related to weekly victories.

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TFT and the Galaxy system

Riot Games' goal for patch 10.7 with Galaxy mechanics was to get out of the ordinary, pushing players to make choices and create more diverse compositions. The Galaxie system seems to have fulfilled this goal well, a. Riot Games will soon add new galaxies, or rework / remove those that are not satisfactory.

LoL - Season 10: Riot Games' projects for the coming months

Jessica 'Safelocked' Nam tells us more about Riot Games' projects for League of Legends in a youtube video. On the agence: events and game modes, next incoming skins and champions but also a point on the TFT expansions.

Antagoniste Millenium

Vous verrez plus de choses les yeux fermés.

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