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LoL: News on ranked and Matchmaking in 2020

LoL: News on ranked and Matchmaking in 2020

In this Dev: Updates on League of Legends with Cody “Riot Codebear” Germain, we get more information about the changes to ranked mode and matchmaking in 2020.

LoL: News on ranked and Matchmaking in 2020

With this new Dev: Updates Cody “Riot Codebear” Germain goes into what is to be expected for Ranked games and matchmaking in League of Legends for 2020.

Riot Games' next objectives

  • Improve queue matchmaking quality without compromising queue time and availability.
  • Improve transparency around ranked and matchmaking systems.
  • Improve progression satisfaction and skill expression in our systems.
  • Make rewards more recognizable and relevant for time spent in League.
  • Players can play with, and find, others they want to play with.
League of Legends

Coming soon:

Player Feedback: in patch 10.10, Riot Games improved the system of sanctions feedback, now the player who reported another will be notified if the other has been sanctioned, even if it is for a different reason.

Champ Select Reporting and Muting: Starting June or early July players will be able to report and mute other players in Champ Select.

Opening Flex Restrictions: Riot Games seems to want players to be able to play with friends more effectively and look towards upgrading the Flex queue system. "There's no better time for us to loosen up the gates and allow players to play with anyone on their team, not just those within nearby ranked tiers. To maintain match fairness, we're switching Flex's matchmaking to be more similar to Clash's which prioritizes balance across a much broader range of MMR. We're currently locking down which upcoming patch to ship these changes in."

League of Legends

What about preseason?

The promotion series will be removed.

Transparency of matchmaking in ranked mode: New limitations in term of ranking to allow players to find teammate from a same skill range.

Rewards: Changes planned on prestigious skins to make them more relevant.

Clash should be associated with the flex queue, Riot Games is looking for a solution for players of the same level to meet, and recognize the teams working together to give them a goal to achieve.

In any case, it will take a little time to balance all of this ...

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