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Call of Duty Warzone: New Easter Egg found inside bunker

Call of Duty Warzone: New Easter Egg found inside bunker

The teasers for an in-game event continue to mount up as another nuclear weapon is found.

Call of Duty Warzone: New Easter Egg found inside bunker

Season 4 of Modern Warfare and Warzone is fully underway. With several new additions to both games, Infinity Ward continues to tease some form of in-game event set to take place in Verdansk.

Ever since the bunkers were opened by players, there have been questions as to why there is a nuclear weapon being built in Bunker 11 but on June 11th, a new teaser has been spotted. 

Whilst piloting his drone through Bunker 10, Twitch streamer "DougDagnabbit" found a huge nuclear missile is hidden behind one of the doors. 

There's only a small section of the missile on show for players but it has sparked several theories as to what is coming to Verdansk.

The current theory is that the missiles will be launched into the dam, flooding the whole map which will then make way for a brand-new map set in Urzikstan.

The duration of Season 4 is over 50 days so the nukes could well be used to spark a mid-season change or a further twist in the story before the release of the fifth season. 

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