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LoL: Samira, a possible leak of the 151st League champion?

LoL: Samira, a possible leak of the 151st League champion?

While Yone has yet to set foot in the Summoner's Rift, a recent leak would seem to indicate the identity of the next champion to join League of Legends. She would be called Samira and could well be an ADC.

LoL: Samira, a possible leak of the 151st League champion?

All the information discussed in the article below should be taken cautiously. Nothing has yet been confirmed by Riot Games.


Lillia a week ago, Yone next week — Riot Games has been releasing a ton of contents for its big summer event. In June, the studio announced the three upcoming champions before the end of the year. If two are already known, it remains to be seen what is the last. A first teaser, very light, had left us in suspense:

“Do you like to laugh in the face of danger? Do you enjoy stringing together abilities, creating stylish new combos? Does the idea of diving straight into the fray, firing a whirlwind of blades and bullets, then hopping back out with a sliver of health excite you?” asked Riot in their Roadmap, “we may be releasing just the champion for you”.

This short text was accompanied by a gif, gif which echoes the recent leak.

We find the red rose but also the same typography, proving with little doubt that it is indeed the same person.

The different leaks would give the name of the next champion, Samira.

But who could Samira be?

If we can safely assume that Samira would be an ADC, her identity is quite a mystery. However, several avenues seem to open.

First, the rose. As small as it may seem, it is a big clue. Although it might indicate a connection with Zyra, it's rather towards Vladimir that it leads us.

In his lore, we learn that he founded the Black Rose with LeBlanc, a secret society bringing together the darkest but also the most powerful beings they encountered on their way.

"Uniquely among the leaders of the Black Rose, Vladimir has rarely limited himself to scheming from the shadows. In the past, he deigned to join the Noxian noble courts during the most interesting of times, only to fade into seclusion decades later, his extreme age—and the atrocities his sorcery could wreak—a well-kept secret. Even so, under Vladimir’s tutelage, the art of hemomancy has found a place in the military of Noxus, and among scions of the old aristocracy. Among these diverse practitioners is the Crimson Circle, a youthful cult dedicated as much to Vladimir’s personality as to blood magic itself." (Source: Universe)

The symbol of the red rose could be related to Vladimir, a member of the Black Rose, but more precisely to the Crimson Circle. If you're not keen on lore or Legends of Runeterra, this group might not mean anything to you and yet.

The so-called scarlet cards are indeed present in the studio's CCG. From Noxus, these different cards feature several members of the Scarlet Circle. There are four of them: The Crimson Disciple, Crimson Aristocrat, Crimson Curator, and Crimson Awakener.

League of Legends

From left to right you find the Curator Edwin, the Aristocrat, the Awakener Kye and the Disciple Clara. You will understand, only the name of the aristocrat is not known at the present time. However, as written upstream, Vladimir had joined the aristocratic court of Noxus, so he could have met this woman, a member of the scarlet circle, and why not, have a common history (Riot Games has for some time wanted to deepen his Lore but also to exploit characters already present to make new champions, like Senna for example).

She could be the famous ADC promised by Riot Games before the end of the year, with the red rose topped with her initial as an emblem. In addition, the studio had claimed a few weeks ago that LoR cards were going to be transposed as champions in League of Legends, as is the case for the next champion to join the rift, Yone the brother of Yasuo.

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