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Hearthstone Scholomance Academy Easter Egg: Get Mr Bigglesworth!

Hearthstone Scholomance Academy Easter Egg: Get Mr Bigglesworth!

If you play Battlegrounds you might have already had the opportunity to play with Mr. Bigglesworth — but in Constructed things were more complicated, as no card directly allows to summon it. And yet, a solution exists to play it!

Hearthstone Scholomance Academy Easter Egg: Get Mr Bigglesworth!

Cat friends, and other easter egg lovers, this news is for you!

In Hearthstone, playing with new boards until you find some hidden easter egg became quite commonplace over the years. There's always something to find, some enigma or code to decypher, and some precious seconds to lost...

The Scholomance Academy is not left out and offers many hidden features to reward all those who find them, from the one who meets the conditions by chance, to the one who tries all possible combinations for this purpose.

One of these hidden features is the possibility to obtain Mr. Bigglesworth as a 1/1 Beast costing (0).

How to obtain Mr. Bigglesworth

Be careful, this method is not necessarily optimal, the easter egg having been discovered very recently.

  • Step 1: Summon the Headmaster Kel'Thuzad
  • Step 2: Fill the board with cat minions, you'll hear Kel'Thuzad screaming "kitty, kitty!"
  • Step 3: Once you summoned 6 minions, Mr. Bigglesworth will be added to your hand.

While it is not known exactly how many cats it will take to collect Mr. Bigglesworth, there are some things that may or may not be necessary to obtain the card.


Among the possible cats are:

  • Alley Cat
  • Springpaw
  • Escaped Manasaber
  • Manafeeder Panthara
  • Lynx (Obtained with Halazzi, the Lynx or Springpaw)

There are many other cards that could activate this easter egg, but it will take some time before all the combinations are found!

Hearthstone Patch 18.0 is available with a new hero for Battlegrounds!

Patch 18.0 includes some changes for Battlegrounds as well as gameplay improvements preparing Hearthstone for the arrival of Scholomance Academy!

Original content by Jean-Vincent "Durvil" Cannata.


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