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LoL: Kalista has not received a new skin for 4 years

LoL: Kalista has not received a new skin for 4 years

Yesterday was a sad day for the Spear of Vengeance. It has been exactly 4 years to the day that Kalista received a new skin on League of Legends.

LoL: Kalista has not received a new skin for 4 years

Has Kalista been forgotten by the team in charge of creating the skins in League of Legends? The answer certainly is yes. The spear of vengeance has been patiently waiting for a new skin for exactly 4 years. The latest one was celebrating the victory of SKT T1, and more specifically the performances of Bae "Bang" Jun-sik, at the 2015 World Championships; it was of course SKT T1 Kalista.

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Yet the champion is not necessarily the one to be mourned the most since other champions are also overlooked by the studio. This is the case of Skarner who breaks all the records. The Crystal Vanguard has been waiting patiently for... 1938 days, more than 5 years and 3 months. At the moment, 10 champions have been waiting for a skin for more than 1000 days:

  • Skarner: 1938 days (last on April 24, 2015, Skarner Guardian of the Sands)
  • Shyvana: 1543 days (last skin May 26, 2016, Super Galaxy Shyvana)
  • Kalista: 1459 days (last skin August 17, 2016, SKT T1 Kalista)
  • Azir: 1304 days (last skin January 19, 2017, Warring Kingdoms Azir)
  • Quinn: 1290 days (last skin February 2, 2017, Heartseeker Quinn)
  • Zac: 1145 days (last skin June 27, 2017, SKT T1 Zac)
  • Kayle: 1,104 days (last skin August 8, 2017, Pentakill Kayle)
  • Singed: 1039 days (last skin on October 11, 2017, Beekeeper Singed)
  • Elise: 1034 days (last skin October 16, 2017, Super Galaxy Elise)
  • Viktor: 1025 days (last skin October 25, 2017, Death Sworn Viktor)

The good news is, Kalista is played a lot in pro games right now with a presence rate (pick/ban) of 88% during the LEC Summer Split. This might be just enough for Riot Games to deserve a skin.

Capture via - League of Legends
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Is there a champion you'd like to see getting a new skin?

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