LoL: Glitch allows Yone to avoid all controls

While Yone, the last League of Legends champion, has just landed in the Rift, a first (consequent) glitch has been spotted. By timing his E - Soul Unbound correctly, the champion can prevent many controls very easily.

LoL: Glitch allows Yone to avoid all controls

A bug on Ornn or Poppy, more recently a huge glitch with the DJ Sona skin, League of Legends is not free from bugs of all kinds. It's not surprising at all to find some of them in most new champions, especially when they introduce new mechanics. For instance, Yone's E - Spiritual Unbound is certainly crippled with a bug that allows the champion to prevent any control from happening by timing properly the spell.

This discovery is once again to be credited to Vandiril, a well-known YouTuber. Is this feature intended, or is it just a bug?

Ultimately, it is unlikely that the spell of the champion will remain as it is and undergo changes aimed at modifying this more than useful mechanic when you find yourself threatened by a lethal control.

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