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League of Legends - Season 10: Roadmap for next champions revealed this week

League of Legends - Season 10: Roadmap for next champions revealed this week

With Samira just entering the Rift, it's time to take a serious look at Riot Games' future plans. The next roadmap for League of Legends champions (reworks, including Mundo's, and new champions) is expected to be released this week.

League of Legends - Season 10: Roadmap for next champions revealed this week

This year, Riot Games has clearly announced that it wants to work harder to satisfy players, in particular by increasing the releases of new League of Legends champions but also reworks of the oldest. While all the objectives announced by the studio are on the verge of being fulfilled, it is legitimate to ask the question: what's next?

According to user Spideraxe, the next champions roadmap should be unveiled this week.

New champions

Riot Games had teased 3 new champions last June: a jungler, Lillia, an assassin, Yone and finally an ADC, Samira. Beyond the teasing, the ambitions of the studio for the future had been clearly announced: "at least six new champions per year: one for each position, with the exception of the middle lane for which we are planning two", as well as one assassin and mage to meet the expectations of all players.

We strongly suspect that the next champion to land in the rift will be Seraphine and that she will take on the role of mage intended for the mid-lane (although some see her as a Sona given her potential abilities).

Then, they should release a tank, and, if we follow the will of Riot Games, which wants to scatter its new champions on all lanes, it should probably be a support, which seems logical if we consider the latest support released (Senna, Yuumi, Pyke, Rakan). After all, the last support tank dates from July 2015 (Tahm Kench).


Two champions have already been reworked this year: Fiddlestisks in March and Volibear in May (and also a mini-rework of Wukong in March).

There are several levels of reworks for Riot Games:

  • Gameplay update: aims to change the champion's gameplay
  • Visual update: aims to modify the appearance of a champion, change his splash-arts because they are too old / outdated or effects on spells.
  • Visual and gameplay update (VGU): this is the highest level of rework, it aims to change everything to make a new champion (examples: Fiddlesticks, Volibear)
League of Legends
League of Legends
League of Legends
League of Legends

Following the success of the reworks of Fiddlesticks and Vilibear, the studio had announced last June the next champion to go through the makeover: Dr. Mundo. This will be a total makeover (VGU).

Still according to Spideraxe, Riot Games should announce a pool of champions to go through the redesign process. The question remains whether the studio will propose a vote to the community to choose which one will have priority. In May 2019, the studio had let players choose which rework they wanted to see in the rift (between Fiddlesticks, Volibear, Dr. Mundo, Shyvana and Nocturne).

Since the redesign of Mundo is the last official announcement of the studio regarding its champions, we hope that we will have new information about the upcoming reworks, and especially about the future champions that Riot Games is planning.

Original content by "Cthulhu".

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