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League of Legends: A first look at the Dr. Mundo rework

League of Legends: A first look at the Dr. Mundo rework

Mundo's rework is starting to take shape in League of Legends — here is everything we know so far.

League of Legends: A first look at the Dr. Mundo rework

The rework of Dr. Mundo started three months ago, and little information has been shared about the League of Legends champion until now.

This rework focused on three points:

  • Upgrade Mundo's appearance to better match the evolving visuals of the game
  • Improve Mundo's kit while keeping his core gameplay
  • Keeping Mundo as a very straightforward champion

The team also took into account the feedback from players who wanted Mundo to remain a fun champion

In terms of gameplay, the team wanted to emphasize one of his traits: Mundo goes wherever he wants!

The new Mundo will be very difficult to CC but will also be unable to apply heavy CC on enemies.

In short, Mundo's gameplay will not be turned upside down, and fans should be able to enjoy the champion with a brand new and refreshed gameplay!

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