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League of Legends: Riot announces changes to Seraphine's lore

League of Legends: Riot announces changes to Seraphine's lore

League of Legends' co-creator Marc Merrill has announced that Seraphine's lore is likely to be changed soon in the wake of controversy online.

League of Legends: Riot announces changes to Seraphine's lore

Seraphine is coming to League of Legends today, and the way she was teased on social media over the past several months certainly caught the eye of the community — and not necessarily in a good way.

The new champion heads to the Rift with a Legendary-quality K/DA ALL OUT skin, along with new K/DA skins for all the members of the virtual group.

While each new character is an opportunity to add more to the game's lore, with Seraphine some parts of her backstory seemingly went a bit too far.

Part of her story explains how the region of Piltover — Seraphine's origin — has access to such advanced technology. In short, the inhabitants use crystals extracted from the Brackern, Skarner's species, implying a kind of genocide for the purposes of generating energy.

In a reply to a social media user questioning this story, Marc "Tryndamere" Merrill had the following to say:

It appears now that Riot wil retcon this story to remove the brutal nature of Piltover's success, although just how this will happen remains to be seen.

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