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League of Legends: Abilities revealed for Viego, the Fallen King

League of Legends: Abilities revealed for Viego, the Fallen King

Viego, the Fallen King, is the latest champion to come to League of Legends, and Riot Games have revealed details of his abilities. Here's what you can expect.

League of Legends: Abilities revealed for Viego, the Fallen King

The rumours are correct — Viego is the latest champion to joing the battle in League of Legends.

Designed primarily to be a jungle skirmisher, Viego has a significant amount of sustain additional percentage damage on hit, invisibility and a blink-style ultimate.

His kit appears incredibly strong, so it remains to be seen just how broken he is on launch.

His abilities are as follows:

PASSIVE — Sovereign's Domination

Viego can temporarily possess enemy champions he helps kill, healing for a portion of their max health. Viego's items, attacks, and non-ultimate abilities become those of his slain enemy's, and he gains a free cast of his own ultimate.

Q — Blade of the Ruined King

PASSIVE: Viego’s attacks deal a percent of the target's current health as bonus damage. When Viego attacks an enemy he recently hit with an ability, the attack strikes twice.

ACTIVE: Viego stabs forward with his blade, damaging all enemies hit.

W — Spectral Maw

Viego charges up and then dashes forward, hurling a blast of mist that stuns and damages the first enemy hit. Stun duration and mist range increase with charge time, damage and dash range don't.

E — Harrowed Path

Viego spreads a wave of Black Mist around a nearby wall. While in the mist, Viego becomes Camouflaged and gains Attack Speed and Movement Speed.

R — Heartbreaker

Viego discards any bodies he is currently possessing and teleports forward, attacking the enemy champion in range with the lowest percent health and dealing bonus damage based on their missing health. Other enemies in range are knocked away.

Viego could go live in Patch 11.2 alongside the Ruined skin range, featuring Karma, Draven, and Shyvana's first skin in over four years.

You can watch the full Ruination trailer below.

League of Legends: Introducing the Ruined skin family

An all-new skin range is coming to the League of Legends PBE. The Ruined range has a ghostly theme, and more importantly, gives Shyvana her first new skin in more than four and half years.


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