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When does competitive League of Legends start up again?

When does competitive League of Legends start up again?

The various League of Legends competitions around the globe are getting under way for the 2021 Spring Split. Here are the dates for each region — the LEC, LCS, LPL, LCK, VCS, LJL, TCL, PCS, LCL and CBLoL.

When does competitive League of Legends start up again?

A new year means a new competitive League of Legends season. The 2021 Spring Split is about to begin in most regions, with China's LPL already under way.

Here are the dates you need to mark in your calendars, in chronological order of start date:


LPL: Saturday, 9 January

LCK: Wednesday, 13 January

LCS: Friday, 15 January

CBLoL: Saturday, 16 January

LEC: Friday, 22 January

VCS: Friday, 22 January

LJL: Saturday, 23 January

TCL: Saturday, 23 January

PCS: Friday, 5 February

LCL: Saturday, 13 February


Check out Riot Games' 2021 esports preview below!


Change of format for the LCK 2021 Playoffs

The LCK resumes on January 13, and the iconic gauntlet Korean teams had to face in the Playoffs is no longer. Changes have been made to bring the league more in line with other global competitions.


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