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League of Legends: New Lunar Beast skins for Annie and Aphelios

League of Legends: New Lunar Beast skins for Annie and Aphelios

The Lunar Revel is coming soon in League of Legends. After having already unveiled four of them, Annie and Aphelios will also have their own Lunar Beast skin.

League of Legends: New Lunar Beast skins for Annie and Aphelios

The Lunar Revel is a recurring event in League of Legends. Every year, Riot Games makes a point of celebrating it in the Rift with brand new skins.

Over the years, the studio also delivered some of its most beautiful outfits for the same occasion. We can easily think of Coin Emperor Tahm Kench, Warring Kingdoms Vi, or Lunar Guardian Nasus among others.

While we thought that the studio had finished revealing the cosmetics related to this year's event with Alistar, Fiora, Jarvan IV, and then Viego Lunar Beast, two new names are added to the list: Annie and Aphelios.

League of Legends
League of Legends

As with the other skins, these two will most likely have associated Chromas. Appearances are currently being tested on the PBE and should arrive on live servers with Patch 11.2 next week.

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League of Legends: Viego will be released with Lunar Beast skin

Viego, the 154th League of Legends champion, is about to be deployed in-game. For the occasion, he'll receive a Lunar Beast skin.


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