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Is Apex Legends getting a Nintendo Switch port soon?

Is Apex Legends getting a Nintendo Switch port soon?

The Japanese Apex Legends YouTube account has suggested that a Switch version of the battle royale title might be released at the same time as Season 8.

Is Apex Legends getting a Nintendo Switch port soon?

Respawn Entertainment is about to celebrate two years of Apex Legends, which coincides with the start of Season 8.

One sentence in the trailer posted to the account for the next Legend, Fuse, caught the attention of players:

"And play on Switch when Season 8 comes out on February 2!"

This same sentence was also found on the Danish, Polish and Spanish accounts. Since then, any mention of a release date on the Nintendo console has been removed.

This doesn't necessarily mean that it won't happen, but rather that it was a bit premature to release the information — especially as Respawn haven't made any official announcement.

A mobile version of Apex Legends was confirmed back in October 2019 with thhe release date seemingly postponed due to development delays. It's likely the mobile version of the game will be released this year.

At least that's what Andrew Wilson, Electronic Arts' CEO, said during the company's second quarter financial results reporting. He stated that the mobile version will be released in the 2022 fiscal year — which begins in April 2021.

It could prove to be the year of Apex Legends. With a Switch port and a mobile version — a game in its own right, a la Fortnite Mobile or PUBG Mobile — it could lead to a significant increase in net income.

If the rumour is true, it could be a matter of days before we see the Switch port release, with Season 8 just around the corner.

Season 8 and the arrival of Fuse

Apex Legends celebrates its second anniversary in style with the upcoming arrival of Season 8: Chaos. This time, Fuse will have the honor of becoming the game's 16th Legend.


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