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League of Legends: Voting closes today for the next champion rework!

League of Legends: Voting closes today for the next champion rework!

Like last year, Riot Games is inviting users to vote for the next League of Legends champion(s) to be reworked. Following Dr. Mundo, Skarner, Nocturne, Quinn, Shyvana, and Udyr — the choice is yours, and you have until the end of today

League of Legends: Voting closes today for the next champion rework!

Many League of Legends champions deserve — and need — a good update. Last year, following a community vote, Volibear and Fiddlesticks were chosen to have their kits and skins completely redesigned.

This year, Riot Games is doing it again. Anyone can vote for the next champion to be reworked.

Besides Mundo, the one which receives the most votes will be the only one to be updated this year.

League of Legends

Udyr's kit dates from 2009, and has changed very little since then, Shyvana was already a candidate last year, while Skarner has never truly found his place on the Rift. Quinn has always seemed kind of incomplete.The choice is yours!

Log in to your League of Legends client, then click on the "Season 2021" tab on the Home page. Choose the League of Legends tab (Page 2), and click "Explore". Several votes will then be offered to you, whether it's the next VGU or the choice of skin themes for the coming year.

League of Legends
League of Legends
League of Legends

You only have one vote, and you can only vote for one champion, so make it count!

Original content from Thomas "Calo" Sauzin.

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