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Riot Games disables Hextech Flashtraption rune for the LEC's opening weekend

Riot Games disables Hextech Flashtraption rune for the LEC's opening weekend

Following a bug that appeared in the LPL, the LEC has decided to disable Hexflash while the developers try to fix the issue.

Riot Games disables Hextech Flashtraption rune for the LEC's opening weekend

The League of Legends European Championship (LEC), which is returning for its Summer Split this weekend, is disabling the Hextech Flashtraption rune for the opening weekend. The decision is made after an in-game bug occurred in the LPL during the third game between EDward Gaming and Bilibili Gaming, causing the game to be delayed.

What appears to be going wrong is that, if a player is channeling their Hexflash and the channel is cancelled, neither regular Flash nor Hexflash are usable anymore for the remainder of the game. Though it's uncertain if the bug occurs regularly under different circumstances, the LEC decided that it's better to be safe than sorry.

Hextech Flashtraption is one of the most-used runes for engage support champions, as it allows for surprise jumps over walls and from bushes. Champions such as Alistar, Rell, Leona, and Sett pick the rune almost every time in pro play to have access to more ways of locking down their opponents.

With the rune temporarily removed, it's likely that the opening weekend of the LEC sees a small pivot towards enchanter support champions such as Lulu and Karma, as those do not use Hextech Flashtrapion in their rune builds.

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Image courtesy of Riot Games.

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