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League of Legends 11.12 Patch Rundown, bringing a variety of small changes and the reworked Dr Mundo

League of Legends 11.12 Patch Rundown, bringing a variety of small changes and the reworked Dr Mundo

11.12 is a light patch which focuses on Champion adjustments, and brings the revived Dr Mundo to the game with his fresh rework. Here are all the changes!

League of Legends 11.12 Patch Rundown, bringing a variety of small changes and the reworked Dr Mundo

The new League of Legends patch is more focused on Champion adjustments apparently, targeting Aphelios, professional outliers, and Dr Mundo. This is ahead of the 11.13 patch, which is due in a couple of weeks, which will have large system reworks.

This patch was deployed in the early hours of June 9th.


Magic Resist and Attack Damage Growth increased.

Buffs to Severum and Crescendum too as these are less popular weapons.

Severum, that is the healing one, will gain higher scaling with Aphelios' Attack Speed for its active ability. The on-hit damage is being buffed too, as well as the scaling for it.

The healing on the basic attacks with the Scythe Pistol is being decreased, however the healing from abilities is being increased.

The damage from Crescendum's Sentry is being buffed substantially too.


Damage on Draven's (Q) Spinning Axe is being increased, with 5 more base damage and an extra 5% scaling.


Base Attack Damage decreased by 2.


Base Armor increased by 3, and damage ratio on (Q) Rampage increased by 10%, to now scale with 85% of bonus AD.


Base mana growth increased from 40 to 50. Not sure if this will bring her back into the meta, but will make her feel nicer to play.

Jarvan IV

Cooldown on (W) Golden Aegis decreased to 9 seconds.


Cooldown on (Q) Icathian Rain increased at early levels.


On-hit damage from (W) Thunderclap increased by 5, and scales with an extra 5% of armor.


The Bramble Vest nerf hit Rammus, so more love is going into his defences.

Bonus Armor on (W) Defensive Ball Curl is being increased by 10. Cooldown on (R) Soaring Slam also decreased to 110/95/80.


Life steal from the Passive is being nerfed, due to Divine Sunderer's buff. Now grants 10/16/22% Life Steal, increasing every 6 levels.


(Q) Cull the Meek healing against non-Champions reduced, by a flat 1 at all levels and 1% bonus AD.

This is also reflected on the empowered version.


(W) Rake has changes to reduce the initial damage, whilst increasing the return damage which is easier to dodge.


The cone damage from Phoenix Stance is being reduced, however has higher AP scaling, allowing for AP build instead.


The bonus damage from (W) Blighted Quiver is being reduced to 9/12/15/18/21%.


Base Attack Damage growth reduced by 0.5, and damage ratio on (Q) Crushing Blow reduced by 5%.


(Q) Bouncing Bomb damage increased by up to 20 at later levels, although remains the same at early levels.

The missile speed on (R) Mega Inferno Bomb is being reduced, making it easier to land, but does have a minimum travel time so will mostly reward long range throws.

The cherry on the cake is the Mundo rework, as well as the Pool Party skins which will go live on June 10th.

You can see all of the new Dr Mundo abilities here, as well as changes to his skins here. His Legacy skins will be available for purchase through the next couple of patches, so grab them while you can!

The Dr. Mundo rework is here, ready to go live on League of Legends in Patch 11.12

The update has been talked about for a while, but League of Legends' resident doctor is ready to hit Summoners Rift with a new look, as well as new abilities. The update is confirmed to go live in the next patch, but hits PBE sooner.

New Pool Party skins coming to League of Legends

Braum and Sett are on the list for the Summer skin line, featuring sandcastles, coconuts, and a cocktail bar as a shield?! These skins are sure to make a splash!

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