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LoL: New mage Yordle champion coming alongside Akshan

LoL: New mage Yordle champion coming alongside Akshan

Akshan won't be the only new champion arriving in the Sentinels of Light event. Riot Games has promised to show us the long-rumoured mage Yordle too, ready for their key role in the outcome of the Ruination story.

LoL: New mage Yordle champion coming alongside Akshan

The League of Legends community is just catching up on Akshan's future release as the new champion. His arrival will take place over the coming weeks and will be a centerpiece in the Sentinels of Light event. 

And now Riot Games have told us that another champion will be shown throughout the cinematics and content coming which will show the history of Viego.

An Advance Champion in League of Legends

We've already been aware that the next champion will be a Yordle mage that seems to have a tie in to the Freljord. However, delays pushed releases back and also affected the order in which they would come. Due to this, the Yordle champion is not likely to hit Summoner's Rift this Season; but will appear in cinematics. Due to this, the Yordle will be one of few champions in the history of League of Legends that we will know about long before they actually hit the game.

Fortunately, we have several clues about this new champion coming over the next few weeks. The first was given to us by Riot Games in its official statement about the next champions which would come to League of Legends, when they described the plan for the Ruination event.

While it is simply a shadow that tells us little about the character, this has been complemented by a leaked design which has gained a lot of credibility after it also nailed the already confirmed Akshan look.

Official teaser image from Riot Games - League of Legends
Official teaser image from Riot Games
Leak from the same account that revealed to Akshan - League of Legends
Leak from the same account that revealed to Akshan

According to community theories, we could be looking at Norra, who is Yuumi's master. We know that Norra went to a dangerous place, and tore the page which led to where she was trapped — so The Book of Thresholds (the one Yuumi rides) couldn't follow her and fall into the wrong hands. Apart from that, all we know is that Norra is a Yordle Enchantress and has been missing for 4 years; long enough for her to be corrupted, or possessed by Viego.

We always love a story which is related to another champion already in the game. Riot Games has yet comment on this possibility, but we should expect more news, or at least teasers, over the next week as Akshan comes closer to release.

Original content by Bruno "GalleGutsito" Oubiña.

LoL: Akshan receiving criticism before official release

Many players have accused the League of Legends champion of being an original design. A problem that has been around for a while, but Akshan just revives the issue in the community.

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