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Monster Hunter Rise: Free Update Roadmap

Monster Hunter Rise: Free Update Roadmap

For the next month, Capcom has prepared both free and paid content for the most motivated Monster Hunter Rise players.

Monster Hunter Rise: Free Update Roadmap

While there is nothing major planned for Monster Hunter Rise until at least September, Capcom has nevertheless planned some small in-game events as well as new DLCs for players who enjoy character customization.

Monster Hunter Rise: Free Update Roadmap - Monster Hunter Rise
Monster Hunter Rise: Free Update Roadmap


  • June 18: "Bird Wyverns Of Ruin?", an event quest to unlock the special Tsukino Armor from Monster Hunter Stories 2 for your Palico. You can find our guide by clicking here.
  • June 24: Patch 3.1 introduces DLC Pack 4 with many cosmetic elements, as well as event quests. This new patch, although not introducing anything new, fixes many bugs
  • July 9: Added cross-save cosmetic rewards between MHR and MH Stories 2, with special armor in each game.
  • End of July: Patch 3.2 with more collaborations, DLC, and events.
  • August: Patch 3.3 with another wave of similar content.

There won't be anything notable for Monster Hunter Rise before the beginning of the next school year, in the best-case scenario.

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Monster Hunter Rise 3.1.0 Patch Notes

The Monster Hunter Rise 3.1.0 Update was released on June 24, and Capcom has just revealed its patch notes.

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