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LoL: Riot's stand against toxicity is bugged, and it allows you to report yourself

LoL: Riot's stand against toxicity is bugged, and it allows you to report yourself

A surreal glitch has appeared in the League of Legends client, and it allows players to report their own negative behaviour. An unexpected effect that has taken the community by surprise.

LoL: Riot's stand against toxicity is bugged, and it allows you to report yourself

Fighting League of Legends toxicity has become one of Riot Games' priorities as it continues to grow. The developer has introduced countless improvements to try to tackle negative behaviour within its game, making it a much more pleasant environment for the future. However, the situation is far from resolved and it appears that their efforts haven't yielded positive results.

Reportedly, quite a few players have encountered the League of Legends client bug. This has been shared by several players who, after finishing a game, encountered a strange occurrence; their League of Legends client had mistaken them for another player in their game, allowing them to report themselves on the post-game screen. This, obviously, has taken countless players by surprise, but most have been quick to make jokes about it.

The bug has apparently been there for some time, and has been encountered many times over the past few weeks:

The cause of the bug is still unknown, but Riot Games have recognized that the game client is one of the areas in need of improvement -- as well as the clean-up and optimising they've been doing recently. However, we know of other bugs, such as one that can even cause players to get stuck in a game after it has ended.

The only positive thing is that this bug seems to have a very low rate of occurrence and has little effect on gameplay. However insignificant, it remains a very curious bug that shows the current (dire) status of the League of Legends client.

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Although the developer tries to solve all the glitches that have an impact on League of Legends, not all bugs can be squashed.

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