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The Kog'Maw glitch that Riot won't fix has been in League of Legends for years

The Kog'Maw glitch that Riot won't fix has been in League of Legends for years

Although the developer tries to solve all the glitches that have an impact on League of Legends, not all bugs can be squashed.

The Kog'Maw glitch that Riot won't fix has been in League of Legends for years

Bugs are a common evil in games like League of Legends, both for casual games and the larger competitive events. Even the slightest coding error can have a large impact. However, Riot Games continue to struggle with a few bugs that just don't seem to be fixed. Recently, we saw a huge list of Rumble bugs, but that Yordle is not alone.

A bug ignored by Riot Games

Kog'Maw is just another champion to add to the bugs list. The Mouth of the Abyss has received major visual changes recently, but the developer left an alarming glitch intact..

This bug allows Kog'Maw to continue auto-attacking even when dead, allowing him to deal damage during the duration of his passive (Icathian Surprise) as he waits to explode.

The bug, which harks back to the controversial Samira bug that caused a remake for Fnatic in the LEC, can easily the difference between getting a kill or not; but the most worrying thing is that it has been in the game for years.

Multiple players have reported that they sent a notice to Riot Games about this bug and are still waiting for a response or a fix.

Unfortunately, it seems that this glitch has now become a hidden mechanic for players to exploit. We do not know why it is yet to be fixed, maybe Riot Games does not know how to, or for some reason doesn't consider it serious enough to fix it. So it seems like it will be in League of Legends for a while.


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