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League of Legends giving a visual update to Kog'Maw

League of Legends giving a visual update to Kog'Maw

The update brings more colours, defined edge indicators, and improved gameplay clarity.

League of Legends giving a visual update to Kog'Maw

Rammus has his visual changes on PBE right now, ready to be deployed next patch, but Kog'Maw is the next League of Legends champion to get some love.

League of Legends

Kog'Maw will be getting an update to his model, adding a bit more texture and it also looks like he's been thinned down. The Armor/MR shred icon for his (Q) Caustic Spittle has also been updated.

While the changes modernise Kog'Maw a bit more, it is focused around clarity for gameplay; primarily for missile widths and hitboxes. He is also gaining a more significant purple glow to help indicate his (W) Bio-arcane Barrage empowered state and his Passive.

Due to a lot of Kog'Maw's skins being 520-975 RP, they have only had small updates to the (W) clarity, some with new colours. Any skins that are less than 1350 RP are not given any unique VFX.

Since his most recent skins have already been made to meet the changes, they've just been tidied up with the hitbox indicators subtly added. Lion Dance Kog'Maw was 1350 RP, so has been given a unique (E) Void Ooze effect, whilst Pug'Maw has broken pieces of balls added to his Ultimate.

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