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LoL: Player shames Riot with 10+ page Rumble bug compilation

LoL: Player shames Riot with 10+ page Rumble bug compilation

Some League of Legends bugs have been in the game for years without Riot Games paying much attention to them. That has certainly been the case with Rumble, a champion seemingly with more than ten full pages of bugs.

LoL: Player shames Riot with 10+ page Rumble bug compilation

Riot Games has managed to solve some of the great problems in League of Legends throughout the decade-plus since the game's release.

However, there are still problems in the form of inconsistencies and programming errors that the developer has not yet found a way to fix, including small glitches that often pile up on a few champions with especially troublesome interactions.

One of the most neglected champions in League of Legends

An alarming case still present in the game is that of Rumble. This little character and his fire-breathing exosuit have been on everyone's lips for the past few weeks, due to recent improvements that led to his reappearance in ranked matches and pro play.

However, we recently learned that his suddenly-powerful ability to clear the jungle at full speed was due to an unintended bug that Riot Games had not detected or fixed in time.

Although he has received more attention lately, Riot Games has not fixed Rumble's many bugs - League of Legends
Although he has received more attention lately, Riot Games has not fixed Rumble's many bugs

Now, the same player who revealed these bugs with the champion has published an extensive document of more than ten pages in which he lists all the known errors with the champion.

That there are so many issues is an almost unsolvable mystery, especially as most of them have been present in the game since the launch of the champion, the list having been expanded for the last time in the middle of the year 2017 with the update to its overheating.

Notable bugs include a few inconsistent interactions on E (Electro Harpoon), visual skill glitches, the ability to apply Q (Flamespitter) in two directions simultaneously, or variable damage on his R (The Equalizer) depending on the impact zone.

It's a series of bugs which leave endless questions that we cannot answer just by reading what the abilities do.

We usually say that League of Legends champions are outdated based on how their abilities work in game. However, Rumble is capable of breaking the mold: although his kit is more than satisfactory, Riot Games has neglected it so much that it has been perpetuating the same errors for years.

New mage Yordle champion coming alongside Akshan

Akshan won't be the only new champion arriving in the Sentinels of Light event. Riot Games has promised to show us the long-rumoured mage Yordle too, ready for their key role in the outcome of the Ruination story.

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