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LoL: Tahm Kench rework has failed, and the results are a disaster

LoL: Tahm Kench rework has failed, and the results are a disaster

After receiving a rework and gaining a fresh outlook in League of Legends, the data has revealed a harsh reality for the new Tahm Kench; it is even worse than his original version.

LoL: Tahm Kench rework has failed, and the results are a disaster

Tahm Kench has been one of the most controversial champions in League of Legends over the past few years. The character has been one of extremes -- either completely unplayable due to how weak he is, or dominating the meta due to his strength.

This, obviously, led to his rework; an update that would hopefully put the Kench in a healthy spot.

Tahm Kench: A rework with a disastrous result

The rework was deployed to the live servers with Patch 11.13, and we're now a week on from that release. With more than 180,000 games analysed, taking into account all ranks, the character has been stuck at a 45.59% win rate in the top lane.

This data does not improve in other positions either, as a support he barely reaches 43%. While only a week on, the negative trend is clear.

The Kench's data is not positive at all (via LoLalytics) - League of Legends
The Kench's data is not positive at all (via LoLalytics)

The numbers moving could be considered normal, as with all new releases, as players learn the champion and get used to his power and interactions. However, Tahm Kench's win rate has stabilized in a more worrying position than it was prior before receiving the rework.

This problem is largely due to his inability to scale, as his focus is on the early game and the plays he can make in the first minutes.

Riot Games is aware of the situation and is preparing a rescue plan for the champion, which will include general changes coming in Patch 11.14.

However, even more issues arise with his pick rate. After the initial spike as players wanted to test the new changes, Tahm Kench has since returned to being picked in just 1.45% of games, which places him among the 10 least popular champions.

The champion has indigestible rework - League of Legends
The champion has indigestible rework
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