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LoL: Xin Zhao Mid is OP, but simple to play

LoL: Xin Zhao Mid is OP, but simple to play

League of Legends can be a complicated game, so sometimes it is nice to simplify things a bit. What better way to do that than playing a champion who gets kills at level 1 with a single ability?

LoL: Xin Zhao Mid is OP, but simple to play

Using a complicated champion like Yasuo, Irelia or LeBlanc is fine for professional gamers, but the majority of League of Legends players just want to win games without trying too hard.

This is why many turn to one-trick ponies, only using champions they have fully mastered. It's a way to win more games in the long run, but doesn't always move with the meta and the bi-weekly changes to the game.

Some players may turn to simply playing their favourite champion over and over again, learning them inside out. Others, however, will just turn to the most broken recent champions.

By 'broken' we don't mean champions that don't perform well -- we mean characters that are unusually strong, and which almost any user can use to their advantage.

In this case, we're talking about Xin Zhao, a champion that we all know, but in a role that you may not have tried - the midlane.

Usually we see Xin Zhao in the jungle, but, as Ozlu tells us on YouTube, we are faced with a champion who does not require any skill to play. In just the first few minutes of the video, we see the champion only has to use his E - Audacious Charge to get on top of the opponent champion and get a kill at level 1. Easy.

Being a targeted ability, having Ignite as a Summoner Spell, and Hail of Blades as the rune choice gives Xin Zhao burst potential straight away. It is almost guaranteed to draw flashes or kills in the opening minutes of the game. As Ozlu states in the video, some high ranged mages can counter Xin Zhao mid, but other assassins like Akali or Zed are really weak in the early levels of the game as they await their full combos.

No matter the opponent, Xin Zhao's ability to engage almost instantly means he can exploit any openings and mistakes.

In the video above you can get all the details regarding rune choices and items, as well as key points on how to get that initial advantage and snowball into an easy win.

Let us know in the comments if it works for you! 

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