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LoL Patch 11.15: Three new Sentinels skins incoming

LoL Patch 11.15: Three new Sentinels skins incoming

Riot Games has unveiled the new skins that will arrive in patch 11.15 of League of Legends. The Sentinels of Light grow with new skins for Rengar, Pyke and Graves.

LoL Patch 11.15: Three new Sentinels skins incoming

The Sentinels of Light event is about to kick off in League of Legends, an imminent uprising in which the defenders of Runeterra have joined forces with countless champions from different regions. 

All have one thing in common -- they've received new skins to go alongside their membership of the Sentinels. 

Given the sheer number of skins to come in this series, three will be pushed as part of Patch 11.15: Rengar, Pyke, and Graves.

These are the new skins coming in Patch 11.15

This is what the skins look like in Summoner's Rift

Riot has already revealed the splash art for the three champions, all of whom will join to the Sentinels to battle the Ruined.


A special reward for a champion who has had to wait patiently for a new look. Rengar's last skin came in January 2020, when Guardian of the Sands Rengar was released.

Sentinel Rengar - League of Legends
Sentinel Rengar


Less than a year after the Psy Ops Pyke brought a new look, he's back to join the Sentinels.

Sentinel Pyke - League of Legends
Sentinel Pyke


One of the cosmetics revealed ahead of the event, Graves gets his first skin in more than 700 days. No longer is he in the top five champions awaiting a new look.

Sentinel Graves - League of Legends
Sentinel Graves

LoL: Riot teases champion #157

The latest preview of the upcoming Sentinels of Light event teases the next League of Legends champion to come after Akshan.


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