League of Legends: Season 11
LoL: All about Akshan, the Rogue Sentinel, and his abilities

It's Akshan's turn to land on the Rift. Here is the full set of abilities for the new champion, which will go live in League of Legends on July 22.

With the Sentinels of Light event beginning tomorrow in League of Legends, Riot Games has taken the opportunity to officially introduce Akshan, the Rogue Sentinel.

This new champion will arrive with Patch 11.15. Between grappling, reviving allies, and a  rain of bullets, the new champion already looks broken.

“Fixing the world, one scoundrel at a time"


Passive - Dirty Fighting

Akshan's third attack or offensive skill deals bonus Physical damage. If the target is a champion, Akshan also gains a shield.

After attacking, Akshan fires a second attack that deals reduced physical damage. This second shot can be cancelled like any basic attack. If Akshan does cancel this second shot, he gains a movement speed bonus.

Another 3-hit passive, and a little taste of Lucian's passive in there too. This will make his trades strong, especially when paired with Kraken Slayer and Press the Attack.

Q - Avengerang

Akshan launches a boomerang that deals physical damage and reveals enemies hit. Its range increases each time it hits an enemy. Enemies can be hit once when the boomerang is thrown, and then again when it returns.

This feels similar to Sivir's Q too -- maybe he picked up some tricks from his fellow Shuriman?

W - Going Rogue

This ability has two parts, the first is quite interesting.

Passive: When enemy champions kill one of Akshan’s allies, they are marked as Scoundrels. When he gets a takedown on a Scoundrel he gains bonus gold, all allies killed by the Scoundrel are resurrected at their base, and Scoundrel status is removed.

Active: Akshan becomes camouflaged for a short duration, or indefinitely while near terrain. During this time, Akshan can see trails leading toward Scoundrels and gains move speed and mana regeneration while moving toward them!

Having a system similar to Garen's Villain mechanic is interesting, especially when paired with a Warwick-like movement speed buff and trail. The passive should not be overlooked either, especially in the late game where a kill could completely negate a 60-second death timer for a teammate.

E - Heroic Swing

Akshan fires a hookshot that embeds in the first terrain hit. While embedded, he can recast to swing around the terrain in the cast direction, firing physical damage bullets at the nearest enemy while swinging. While swinging, he can recast again to jump off.

It looks like the cooldown is reset upon takedown, and the swinging looks like it can be indefinite; or that could just be the developers having fun for the video.

This looks like it will be a lot like Camille's Hookshot, but a lot more heroic. This, along with his W, is the roaming side that makes him ideal for the midlane.

R - Comeuppance!

Akshan locks onto an enemy champion and begins to channel his weapon to store bullets. At the end of the skill duration or upon recast, Akshan shoots all stored bullets. Each bullet deals physical damage based on the missing HP of the first minion, champion, or building hit.

Akshan can move freely and cast Heroic Swing while channeling or shooting with Comeuppance! A delayed Lucian ultimate for an execute? Or perhaps Soldier 76 has arrived in League of Legends?

Even though his abilities look a little too strong, we don't yet know the ratios for his spells nor the cooldowns. They could look cool, but be incredibly weak in practice.

Of course, the champion will get a skin to go with the base appearance, and it looks like Akshan will be joining Zoe and going Cyber Pop.

League of Legends

So, will Akshan be Runeterra's saviour? Will he manage to bring Viego to his knees and end the Ruination?

We'll find out in two weeks when the Rogue Sentinel hits live servers on July 22!

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