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LoL: Leak suggests next the champion is named Vex

Following the intriduction of Akshan, Riot Games has seemingly revealed part of the next champion. A leak suggests they are called Vex.

LoL: Leak suggests next the champion is named Vex

Akshan won't be the only new champion to be featured in League of Legends over the next few weeks. Riot Games had already announced that they'd reveal during the Sentinels of Light, and now there seems to have been a leak ahead of time.

Vex could be the next League of Legends champion

Content relating to the event has been added to the client, and that has given dataminers the opportunity to unravel the secrets that Riot wanted to protect until the lore had progressed enough.

However, rarely can you keep dataminers from their goals, and there's no exception here. They have seemingly found files relating to a champion named Vex.

This is the code snippet that refers to the champion - League of Legends
This is the code snippet that refers to the champion

The find has been accompanied by new images that completely reveal the appearance of the character. Some portraits fit perfectly with what has been shown so far by Riot, and that's telling.

The supposed next champion, Vex - League of Legends
The supposed next champion, Vex

These discoveries have generated some mistrust among the community. Riot has deliberately added the code, knowing that miners would discover it as soon as possible.

Many think that the name 'Vex' is just a placeholder, a way for the developer to quell the ever-increasing rumour that her original name is Norra.

League of Legends would not be the first game to deliberately mislead players to protect reveals. 


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