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LoL: Everything we know about Norra

LoL: Everything we know about Norra

Theories suggest that Norra could be the next champions to come to League of Legends. We've put together everything we know so far about that champion who may be arriving after Akshan

LoL: Everything we know about Norra

Being an expert on League of Legends history is starting to pay off this year. The Viego and the Shadow Isles storyline is ongoing, and several of the releases related to the Ruined King have already hit Summoner's Rift. Gwen came first, Akshan is coming soon, and finally there will be a third mystery revealed.

The community's first big theory regarding Isolde fell flat due to a cool detail. However, this only means we're leaning towards the possible arrival of Norra. You may be familiar with her as Yuumi's owner.

A Theory with Many Arguments

Norra is the owner of Yuumi - League of Legends
Norra is the owner of Yuumi

Norra is an existing character in League of Legends lore who is capable of using the Book of Portals to teleport between different areas of Runeterra. This was revealed to us with Yuumi's release. We know that Yuumi lost her owner, and is going to look for them with Book. We also know that Norra has gone to a dangerous place, and destroyed the portal leading there so Book couldn't follow and fall into the wrong hands. From there, it gets a little fluffier with different evidence from the Universe page. But this also reinforces one of the most solid theories we have.

We know for a fact that all the new characters will be connected in one way or another and we have enough clues to point out that, whether she appears or not, Norra is related to the Shadows Isles.

Is Norra the New Character?

Old Lost Chapter - League of Legends
Old Lost Chapter
New Lost Chapter - League of Legends
New Lost Chapter

We have several confirmed details about the next champion coming to League of Legends this year:

  • It's a Yordle
  • It will be a traditional Mage
  • It is related to the Ruined King

For the first time in four years, Riot Games will release a character from the Bandle City, which we know is where Norra comes from. Additionally, the Lost Chapter is related to the Book of Portals, which Norra owns, and is a mage item so that also places her as a candidate. Finally, although their relationship is somewhat more contextual and interpretive, it seems that they may have already met the Ruined King. The Lost Chapter, which we believe is linked to Norra's book, used to have the Shadow Isle's symbol on it. It has, since, been updated but it still feels connected to the Shadow Isles. Since the Lost Chapter supposedly represents the page removed by Norra as she travelled somewhere too dangerous, and these pages bear the symbol related to the Shadow Isles, connecting the dots means that Norra has visited Viego's realm, and has possibly been corrupted.

The Next League of Legends Champion

Although it is impossible to tell if Norra is the next League of Legends champion, Riot Games has already revealed what the character will look like. In the latest image relating to the Sentinels of Light event, we see Norra in the corner. This champion seems like they will have a prominent role in this storyline. Of course, it will still be a few months until Norra reaches Summoner's Rift and is a playable character, but we have been told she'll be seen in teasers and videos before her delayed release.

The new champion appears on the right side of the image. - League of Legends
The new champion appears on the right side of the image.
New mage Yordle champion coming alongside Akshan

Akshan won't be the only new champion arriving in the Sentinels of Light event. Riot Games has promised to show us the long-rumoured mage Yordle too, ready for their key role in the outcome of the Ruination story.

LoL: All about Akshan, the Rogue Sentinel, and his abilities

It's Akshan's turn to land on the Rift. Here is the full set of abilities for the new champion, which will go live in League of Legends on July 22.

LoL: Riot's recap prepares you for Akshan and the Sentinels of Light

Riot Games have prepared a short video with everything you need to get you up to speed on the Sentinels of Light event — which starts today.

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with all the stuff we have right now i think Vex is Yummi's owner , her owner is described as a yordle , they use magic , and they are prefarabbly working alone. if you dont know whos vex shes gonna be added in september

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