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LoL: What patch will Worlds 2021 be played on?

LoL: What patch will Worlds 2021 be played on?

With seven patches to come in the 2021 season, the next to come will have a distinctly Worlds flavor -- but which will be the actual patch played at Worlds 2021?

LoL: What patch will Worlds 2021 be played on?

October and November are usually very heavy months for League of Legends players. One one hand there's Worlds, bringing together the best teams in a race for the Summoner's Cup, while on the other there's preseason, where Riot tests adjustments they couldn't apply previously.

Usually, the regions' summer split playoffs begin to set the focus for the remainder of the season. In this case, the last significant adjustment to the game came in Patch 11.15, with Sona's new passive.

While we'll see tweaks that will give certain champions new leases of life in Patch 11.17 - to Lucian and Viego, for example - there likely won't be any properly game-changing adjustments.

The balance team have saved any significant changes that will affect pro play for Patch 11.18. This will be last patch before the World patch drops -- Patch 11.19, scheduled for September 22.

Worlds 2021: Patch Schedule

It usually takes a couple of weeks for patches to be applied to the tournament server, where the official Worlds 2021 matches will be played.

Considering the tournament will likely start in October, it makes sense that Patch 11.19 is the one to define the meta.

While Worlds 2021 ends on November 6, three days after Patch 11.22 is due to land, there will be no changes throughout the competition -- 11.19 will remain the patch games take place on from tournament start to finish -- with Akshan notably disabled.

The update schedule for Worlds 2021 is as follows:

  • Patch 11.17 will tweak certain things for Solo queue.
  • Riot Games will begin preparation for Worlds on Patch 11.18.
  • All teams will play Worlds 2021 on Patch 11.19, released on September 22.

Generally, the eve of the Worlds Grand Final marks the start of preseason. If all goes according to plan, the trend may continue.

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