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Elden Ring: Patch 1.05 should make the game much more enjoyable for players

Elden Ring: Patch 1.05 should make the game much more enjoyable for players

Patch 1.05 is now available on FromSoftware's latest game. There is no doubt that with these discreet but very useful improvements, your adventure in the Underworld will be much easier. Let's find out all the changes coming to Elden Ring through this patch!

Patch 1.05 has arrived on Elden Ring. With it, several elements have been added to FromSoftware's video game production, and as always, many bugs have been fixed. Let's discover together the main additions to the game!

The Improved NG+ Store

Common practice in the "Souls" series and video games in general, the New Game Plus (NG+) system allows you to start the game again after finishing the game, keeping certain things from your previous game. It is thus possible for the Shardless to restart Elden Ring, and experience a different adventure. This update therefore concerns the cinerary pearls as well as their link with the NG+ store.

"In transactions with twin maids, the following items of cinerary pearls have been changed so that their freed status is transferred to the NG+ game."
Bandai Namco (Source)

From now on, the advantages of cinerary pearls are transferred to NG+ (for the majority of them). This means you can continue to gain their benefits in your next playthrough of Elden Ring, so you'd better make sure you donate all the ones you have before you start your NG+ run.

Invasion sound effects

Patch 1.05 brings with it a feature that will be very useful to players desperately looking for signs to summon other players for help in defeating certain bosses.

"Added sound effects when other players' summon signs appear."
Bandai Namco (Source)

Now, when your Shatterless passes a player summon sign, a sound effect will play, warning you that you can call for help as well. Of course, this effect also works for signs calling for a duel, so watch out for yourself.

Improved Grace Site Menus

This feature was added by FromSoftware to notify players when they have new items to use at a Grace Site.

"Added emphasis to the choice regarding the Vial of Miraculous Salvation as well as several options that can be enhanced through the Graces menu."
Bandai Namco (Source)

For example, if you've collected some Golden Seeds or Tears of Life, you'll now see a small glowing dot appear next to those items when you rest at a Grace Site, so you know you can upgrade your gear/items . This means that all players who have new upgrades to use will see them distinctly when they level up.

Full Patch 1.05

If you want to find the complete list of additions as well as corrections made through this patch 1.05, it's right here! Although this patch didn't bring big changes to the game, there is no doubt that the FromSoftware teams have big plans for the future of one of the flagship games of the year!


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