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Warzone: Geniuses find a way to counter cheaters, CHEH!

Warzone: Geniuses find a way to counter cheaters, CHEH!

There is something in life called karma, and if some people don't believe in it, others had better not brag too much about being invincible. On Call of Duty: Warzone, geniuses have found a way to make cheaters pay. What a treat!

Warzone: Geniuses find a way to counter cheaters, CHEH!

In recent days, and to our great misfortune, cheaters have taken over the Battle Royale Call of Duty: Warzone more than ever, and more specifically the new map that appeared in season 4, Good Fortune.

Indeed, a few days ago we announced that, unfortunately, a glitch was discovered through it via the Resurgence mode, allowing players to hide not without difficulty in the elements of the decor and then do a real massacre. If some do not hesitate to cheat and therefore hide like cowards, two players have found a way to make them pay for their toxic behavior.

Two geniuses ridicule Warzone cheaters

It was on the Reddit social network that we were able to appreciate seeing such images. We know this all too well, but those who cheat and those who use in-game exploits are a living hell in Warzone. Nevertheless, despite what we might believe, there is indeed a way to counter them (no, not thanks to RICOCHET, don't dream).

On Reddit, the user by the name of Veggieman_21 posted a clip in which we see him and a friend having to deal with players taking advantage of the collision glitch in Good Fortune. If we could believe that they are going to be killed, it is not so. The two players go to meet them and then throw a grenade in order to discover their exact location . A rather clever technique!

If you're wondering why the cheats appeared when both players threw the grenades, it's because both of our heroes are equipped with the Sharp Sight perk , which then displays targets hit enough, causing them to visible through walls or in poor visibility. As a result, once our two geniuses threw grenades, they were hit and appeared as if by magic.

Cheaters always present...

As we told you, in recent days Warzone has been facing a huge wave of cheaters, and according to some testimonies, this is due to a company that does not hesitate to offer their cheat software for FREE.

Despite RICOCHET's efforts to succeed in countering them, these softwares always go further, and undergo ever more efficient updates to escape RICOCHET. Lately, Activision's anti-cheat system had found a great solution to make cheaters rage: make them empty-handed against other players. But unfortunately, that wasn't enough...

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