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Elden Ring: If you gave up, the players have something to motivate you!

Elden Ring: If you gave up, the players have something to motivate you!

The Underworld is vast and sometimes unforgiving. To all those who gave up in the face of aggressive enemies and repeated deaths, you are not alone. It's the players themselves who give you their best advice to try to re-motivate you!

Players accustomed to souls like FromSoftware know it well, an adventure in Entre-terre is not easy. Shardless are unleashed in these unwelcoming lands and for those unaccustomed to outright exploration, it can be a real nightmare.

The icing on the cake, perpetual deaths and fierce enemies are a real tradition in games of the genre , but some are not (yet) used to it. So in the face of all this, some players are abandoning Elden Ring. But when all hope seemed lost, Lords of Elden gave their best advice to those who want a little motivation before diving back into the Underworld.

The Call of a Desperate Shinless

Unlike in-game messages, which can be misleading, the ones we are about to reveal to you are proof that the Elden Ring community is united in the face of the challenges offered by FromSoftware's production.

It all started when a Reddit user posted a message saying that his sister, after being killed hundreds of times, had abandoned Elden Ring. So he asked for advice from the Shatterless around the world to help him motivate his sister to try the experiment again.

"Guys, my sister has stopped playing Elden Ring. This is her first Soulsborne game. What can I tell her to get her to play it again? She says she doesn't know where to go and wherever she go, she gets killed."
Blue_Moon_Cheese (Source)

messages of hope

Immediately, hundreds of Sans-splinters answered the call. The advice that came up most often was to give him time to recover from the frustration , before trying an adventure in the Underworld again.

"Tell him there's a giant turtle with a pope hat in the game."
Edgelite306 (Source)
I needed advice. I ended up at Margit's pretty quickly. I didn't mind dying and trying again at least 30 times, but then my husband explained to me that I didn't really have to follow grace immediately and it was possible to come back later. I needed some time to get used to the idea that the game wasn't completely linear. I like having a clear goal and found it very confusing to just wander off. He gave me some directions on where I could go, and with a bit of time, I got the hang of it. Now I'm halfway through the game and loving it."
CurdleTelorast (Source)
"Looks like she could use a guide to show her the ropes and help her with the mobs - that way she'll know where to go and not constantly die. I'd suggest playing co-op with her, and perhaps to find a third co-operator."
PhyrexianStryder (Source)

The important thing is never to force yourself, because the soulslike gameplay of Elden Ring may not be suitable for all players, but despite everything, the game has a lot of wonders to offer. Some Shatterless will no doubt need advice , or even to get used to the idea that an adventure on Elden Ring is never linear . But in any case, everyone will enjoy their gaming experience in their own way.

Before abandoning your epic in the Underworld, remember that Miriel exists!

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