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Grounded: Post-release content update roadmap

Grounded: Post-release content update roadmap

After 2 years of early access, Obsidian's game has grown nicely, but the studio isn't done with it, and more additions are expected to arrive in the coming months. This includes major features, like weather.

Grounded arrived on September 27, 2022 at 7 p.m. (Paris time) in full version. The game is already very good, with both fun and rich content. Even without being mad about construction, there is enough to spend a few dozen hours there alone, or in a group. However, this does not mean that the game is perfect or complete. As we criticized it in our test, a few important elements are missing, for example the weather, since the weather never changes. And overall, the garden is a little too static, which does not give the impression of being behind a house, but rather in a closed greenhouse, which nothing and no one can touch.

Full version additions

It's hard to be exhaustive, especially without spoilers, but the full version of Grounded includes the full story of the miniaturized teen gang, and their efforts to get back to normal size. It's not just about reaching home and getting someone's attention.

New bosses have been introduced, along with combat and AI improvements. However, the latter still seems to need significant improvements. Unlike real-life insects, which seem capable of sneaking around everywhere, those in Grounded tend to get stuck in anything and everything. You could say they have their own bugs!


List of upcoming features

The development studio, Obsidian, is aware of this. The game's development page , which was mostly used during Early Access, still includes sections on upcoming updates after release.

Planned soon

  • Additional environments for the garden
  • New types of weapons
  • Ant pheromone control
  • More level 3 weapons and armor
  • New high-level buildings
  • More decorations
  • Additional Crafting Materials

Planned in the future

  • Additional environments for the garden
  • New creatures and insects
  • Weather
  • Garden Change Events
  • Buildings powered by electricity
  • tools for mods
  • Improved mascots
  • Bird improvements, with new interactions
  • More crafting benches
  • New quest types for BURG.L

    Of these additions, we will especially remember the new environments with new creatures, the weather, changes to the garden, and buildings that use electricity.

Level 2 Grounded Axe: How to get it?

To continue your progress in the garden of Grounded, you absolutely need a better ax, as quickly as possible. Here is an explanatory guide with the required materials and tips on how to find them quickly.

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