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LoL: Knowing how many hours you spent on League of Legends is now possible!

LoL: Knowing how many hours you spent on League of Legends is now possible!

A site now allows you to know exactly the number of hours spent on League of Legends and Teamfight Tactics. This also takes into account the time spent waiting for a game, and the numbers can quickly make you dizzy.

LoL: Knowing how many hours you spent on League of Legends is now possible!

Riot Games does not provide direct access to certain data regarding the time spent on its main game. Unfortunately, it's impossible to know exactly how many hours you've been in Summoner's Rift since Season 1 , but the site we're going to feature can retrieve data from Season 11 .

How does it work ?

All you have to do is go to the Wasted on LoL site , then enter your summoner name and your server. The program will then give you the number of minutes, hours and days spent on the Riot Games game. It will also compare how many books you could have read in that time, how many movies you could have watched, or how many miles you could have walked .

Although the name of the site may suggest that the time invested in the game is wasted (after all the literal translation of Wasted on LoL is Gâche sur LoL), this is far from the case . Everyone is free to invest their free time in the way that suits them. However, it is also possible to very quickly go to the wrong side of the barrier , and to neglect certain aspects of daily life in favor of video games. Although the numbers can quickly be impressive, it must be kept in mind that this covers two whole years . For example, if you've spent 500 hours on the game since S11, that's less than an hour a day, which is still fine. On the other hand, if you get the same score when your account was created just before the start of the school year, this may already be more problematic .

Another way to know the time spent on the game

The statistics given by Wasted on LoL may not always be reliable, especially if you are the type to leave the client open when you are not on it. To find out how long you have been active in the game, it is possible to look at your number of games on sites like OP.GG , and multiply this number by 30 (the average duration of a game in minutes). This will give you the time spent in minutes on the game, which you will only have to convert to hours or even days.

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