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Overwatch League: end of season Playoffs, Sigma will be playable

OWL 2019, Overwatch League season 3: news, results, teams.
Overwatch League: end of season Playoffs, Sigma will be playable

We are already at the last stage of this season 2 of the Overwatch League. It was therefore important for Blizzard to announce the organization of the OWL 2019 finals to be held in Philadelphia. Find the dates and all the information in this article!

Overwatch League: end of season Playoffs, Sigma will be playable

Stage 4 of the Overwatch League started a short time ago. Blizzard introduced the role lock that radically changed teams' gameplay. At the same time, Overwatch revealed the hero 31 Sigma — Talon's new tank — which was released on the PTR with patch 1.39.

Sigma and patch 1.39

The new main tank will be available for the end of season Playoffs, as well as all the new modifications that appeared in patch 1.39. There are modifications on Brigitte and Symmetra as well as on many other heroes in order to adapt them to the 2-2-2.



Before reaching the long-awaited finals, teams will have to start by qualifying for the playoffs. 8 teams will be able to qualify for the playoffs, depending on their overall ranking. Here are all the methods to be part of the playoffs:

  • Be the first in your division in the general ranking
  • The next 4 teams in the ranking will qualify, regardless of the division
  • The top 7-12 will compete for a chance to win one of the last two places available

In view of the results of previous stages, we already know with confidence the fate of some teams:

  • Florida Mayhem and Washington Justice are already out
  • Vancouver Titans and New York Excelsior are guaranteed to be in the top 6
  • San Francisco Shock will be in the top 12 at least

Top 7-12

For these teams, a tournament will be organized to win a precious place. Matches will be played in BO7 with direct elimination. The team with the highest ranking chooses the first map, then the loser of each map will choose the next one.

Day 1

  • The 9th will face the 12th on August 31
  • The 10th will face the 11th on August 31

Day 2

  • The 7th will face the winner of the previous day with the lowest seed on August 31
  • The 8th will face the winner of the previous day with the highest seed on August 31


The rest of the competition will be played between the remaining 8 teams in a double elimination tournament. The matches will again be in BO7, with the top ranked team choosing the first card, then the choices will be to the losers of the previous card.

Day 1

  • Match 1: 1st vs. 8th on September 6
  • Match 2: 4th vs. 5th on September 6

Day 2

  • Match 3: 2nd vs. 7th on September 7
  • Match 4: 3rd vs 6th on September 7

Day 3

  • Match 5: Loser of Match 1 vs Loser of Match 2 on September 8
  • Match 6: Loser of Match 3 vs Loser of Match 4 on September 8

Day 4

  • Match 7: Winner of Match 1 vs Winner of Match 2 on September 8
  • Match 8: Winner of Match 3 vs. Winner of Match 4 on September 8

Day 5

  • Match 9: Loser of Match 8 vs Winner of Match 5 on September 13
  • Match 10: Loser of Match 7 vs Winner of Match 6 on September 13

Day 6

  • Match 12: Winner of Match 7 vs. Winner of Match 8 on September 14

Day 7

  • Match 11: Winner of Match 9 vs. Winner of Match 10 on September 14

Day 8

  • Match 13: Loser of Match 12 vs Winner of Match 11 on September 15

The grand final will see the two teams that have managed to make it through the double elimination tournament. It will be played in Philadelphia in B07 on Sunday, September 29 between the Winner of Match 12 and the Winner of Match 13.



Cash prize













Overwatch League 2019: all the results of the last weekend of Stage 4

Season 2 Stage 4 is now almost finished and the last matches will be held in Los Angeles with the Valiant as hosts. Almost all teams qualified for the Playoffs are known, but the final battle will be tough in California.

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