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LoL ARURF Mode — Urf lands back into the Rift!

LoL ARURF Mode — Urf lands back into the Rift!

ARURF lovers, brace yourselves — your favorite mode is currently being tested on the PBE, and should soon make its grand return to League of Legends!

LoL ARURF Mode — Urf lands back into the Rift!

The craziest mode League of Legends has ever seen — All Random Ultra Rapid Fire (ARURF) — will be back soon! We just need to be a little bit patient, because it won't be shipped to the live servers until Patch 9.18.

Because of changes, tweaks and reworks, Riot decided to test the mode on the PBE, so those of you who have already reached Honor 3 can play!

Champion Balance Changes


• Healing reduced: 100% → 80%

• Damage reduced: 100% → 95%


• Healing reduced: 100% → 82%

System Changes

Elder Dragon

• The Elder Dragon will now spawn at 9 minutes into the game, rather than 5 minutes. This will allow for more of a traditional laning phase, rather than a level 6 fight for the Elder Dragon to win the game.

• The strength of the Elder Dragon has been reduced compared to those on the live-build of the game. With the increased speed of everything in ARURF, the buff was too game-deciding, and these changes aim to reduce that. Additionally, the first Elder Dragon buff’s duration has been reduced from 150 to 120 seconds. Where the empowered (second Elder and beyond) Elder Dragon buff’s duration has been reduced from 300 to 180 seconds.


• Plate health changed from 1000 at each stage, to 500 to 1500 based on the stages.

• Plate value has been increased from 160 gold per plate to 300 for each.



• Gain 10% cooldown reduction at level 10 → at level 15
• Additionally, you gain either 1.2 bonus Attack Damage or 2 Ability Power (Adaptive) for every 1% cooldown reduction in excess of the cap. → +1.2 bonus Attack Damage or +0.5 Ability Power (Adaptative)

Gathering Storm

• Gain increasing Adaptive Force every 4,5 minutes → 6 minutes

Obviously, since they're currently tested on the PBE, these changes are incredibly subject to changes — especially because Riot is waiting for testing players' opinions. That being said, ARURF shouldn't be here soon since the League of Legends client is currently hosting four permanent modes: the Sumonner's Rift (5v5), the Twisted Treeline (3v3), the Howling Abyss (ARAM) and the Convergence (Teamfight Tactics).

Yes, the Twisted Treeline is going to be removed from the client, thus letting a spot opened, but we can't be sure that ARURF is going to replace it...

Written by Charlotte "Cthulhu" Rognant. Translated from French by

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