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League of Legends — What type of Tilter are you?

League of Legends — What type of Tilter are you?

Are you this kind of player who's going to tilt in (almost) each game? Did you know that tilters were belonging to four different types? Well, thanks to Riot's new test, you can now discover to which family you're belonging! Check this out!

League of Legends — What type of Tilter are you?

Let they who are without tilt cast the first stone.

Tilt is part of a daily routine when you're playing League of Legends. Either you, your opponents or your teammates, people that are tilting are commonplace within the Rift. Insults, endless pinging, /ff and so on... among toxic behaviors,  tilt is one of this disease that spread among players making the whole gaming experience painful.

That's perhaps why Riot decided to address this subject in one of their latest videos.

Once upon a time in Runeterra, there were four original tilters...

Four different types of tilter that might have made you smile, while highlighting with subtility some of the most painful behaviors of the Rift. League of Legends is well-known for being one of the most toxic gaming communities, but It's not the first time Riot is trying to teach their players a few things about sportsmanship and competitive behaviors.

In 2013, another video of this type — Teamwork OP — was released by Riot, which seems to testify from their strategy: make people laugh about their mistakes instead of damning them. 

So... which type are you? Riot created a test so you just have to take it!

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Thomas Sauzin
Thomas "Calo" Sauzin

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