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Five League of Legends champions deserving of a visual update

Five League of Legends champions deserving of a visual update

Some champions in League of Legends have aged a bit, and one needs to admit that they don't really fit within the Rift anymore. Wondering if your Rammus' skin is getting old? Well, here are our top 5 champions that really deserve a visual update!

Five League of Legends champions deserving of a visual update

It's been more than ten years since League of Legends has been released on PC. Ten years and no one can deny that the Rift used to be less pretty than it currently is. Champions used to be circled with the weird black line, making them look like they were just getting out of a comic book. Gradually, years by years, Riot Games made tremendous efforts to update and upgrade the game. Complete visual enhancement from the Rift, Champion reworks and balance changes, new items, new monsters — the ten last years were full of features meant to constantly refresh the way we play League of Legends.

When talking about tweaks and updates, things can quickly become confusing. There are so many elements that can be changed, that we often find ourselves completely lost. Champions are complex entities and saying that this ou that Champion will get an update is actually meaningless if you don't explain what type of update it is.

  • Gameplay update: this one is crystal clear. Do you remember Swain's rework? Leblanc's? Well, these are gameplay updates since they impact the way you play a specific champion.
  • Visual update: it can be a little thing such as changing splash arts and champion's icon, but it can also include a big visual rework such as Morgana's spells in 2015
  • Visual & Game Update (VGU): complete rework of the character, including new ability kit and new base skin. Pantheon is a perfect example of such an update.

If like us you're playing League of Legends since the beta, you might have noticed that some Champions are often forgotten into the limbs. Well, here at Millenium we dug into the client, and here is our top 5 champions that would deserve at least a visual update...

5 — Cho'Gath

Even though his spell kit received a visual update in 2018, it's been a while since Cho'Gath hasn't been changed. The Terror of the Void possesses some of the best skins of the game, but they're feeling gradually outdated.

What an horror... - League of Legends
What an horror...

4 — Shyvana

Shyvana splash arts aren't horrible, but her in-game appearance still lacks something. I mean, as a Dragon, she should be badass, isn't it? Even when she transforms, the Half-Dragon still remains a half, as if the skin itself wasn't complete. We want more claws, more fire, MORE BOOMS.

Yeah, it's fine, but... - League of Legends
Yeah, it's fine, but...

Brace yourselves Shyvana players, following Volibear and Fiddlesticks, the Half-Dragon should also get her rework. We just have to be patient now...

3 — Singed

The Mad Scientist received its last update... in 2014. Yes, it was a complete visual rework, meaning both its base skin and its spells had been changed. However, Singed belongs to that type of champion that requires constant attention. Five years later, look at him: he's already outdated.

Someone walked behind me and shouted 'Ugly'... - League of Legends
Someone walked behind me and shouted "Ugly"...

2 — Dr. Mundo

Earlier this year, Riot suggested that the Madman of Zaun needed a rework, but he wasn't picked by the players. Honestly, among its ten skins, almost half of them are completely outdated. They just seem taken from another game. The only good point is that we now have the confirmation that Riot is well aware that Dr. Mundoo needs a VGU. Please Riot, make it happen...

Ugly isn't enough anymore. - League of Legends
Ugly isn't enough anymore.

1 — Rammus

They see me rollin', they hattin'... Rammus' gameplay is coming from another era, where League of Legends was simpler and quicker. An era where Assassins weren't a thing, where the game was this forgiving. However, this period is over for quite a while, and Champions such as Rammus just stayed behind while everyone else was moving forward.

Rammus rolls, taunts, mirror damages and do some AoE — not that much for a Champion that used to be the terror of Jungler players. Well, that being said the Armordillo isn't a bad champion at all, he's just... boring.

Hear us well: we do love Rammus. With the Predator mastery and Mobility boots, you can achieve so much movement speed that using recall is almost an overkill. However, there is a huge gap between Rammus gameplay and the current state of the League — and we just can't go without constantly feeling it.

Please Riot, Rammus deserves some love...


That was our subjective Top 5, but what's yours?!

Feel free to drop your opinion in the comment section!

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Thomas "Calo" Sauzin

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