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LoL: Sett the Boss, new season 10 champion, abilities, lore, skins & role

League of Legends: Season 11
LoL: Sett the Boss, new season 10 champion, abilities, lore, skins & role
  • Origins & Lore

While Aphelios has just arrived in the rift, the next League of Legends champion has already been announced. Discover Sett the boss!

LoL: Sett the Boss, new season 10 champion, abilities, lore, skins & role

Riot Games definitely has no time to lose. As soon as Aphelios landed on the Rift, the next League of Legends champion is already unveiled. Discover Sett, the boss.

"A leader of Ionia’s growing criminal underworld, Sett rose to prominence in the wake of the war with Noxus. Though he began as a humble challenger in the fighting pits of Navori, he quickly gained notoriety for his savage strength, and his ability to take seemingly endless amounts of punishment. After fighting his way through the ranks of local combatants, Sett muscled to the top, seizing control of the pits he once fought in."

Basic statistics

Basic HP: 600
HP per level: 93
Basic HP regeneration: 9.25 + 0.15 per level
Basic magical resistance: 32
Magic resistance by level: 1.25
Basic AD: 60
AD by level: 4
Basic armor: 37
Armor by level: 4
Basic travel speed: 340
Attack range: 125
Attack speed by level: 1.75


Passive — Pit Grit

Heavy Hands: Sett’s basic attacks alternate between a Left Punch and a Right Punch, always opening with a Left Punch.

Left Punch deal normal damage.

Right Punch come out faster and deal 5 (+24) bonus damage.

Heart of the Half-Beast: Sett gains 0.25 additional health regeneration for each 5% missing health.

Q — Knuckle Down



No cost

Sett itches for a fight, gaining 30% movement speed for 1.5 seconds while moving towards enemy champions.

Sett's next two basic attacks deal 10 bonus physical damage, plus 1% (+1.60%) of the target's maximum health.

W — Haymaker



No cost

Passive: Sett store 100% of damage taken as Grit, to a cap if 300 (50% of Sett's max health). Grit decays quickly 4 seconds after the damage was taken.

Active: Sett winds up a giant punch in a direction, expending all Grit to deal 60 (+25(+10%) of expended Grit) as true damage to all enemies in the center line. Enemies not in the center line take physical damage instead.

Sett also gains a rapidly decaying shield equal to Grit expended for 2 seconds.

E — Facebreaker



No cost

Sett smashes enemies on either side of him into each other, dealing 50 (+96) physical damage and slowing them by 50% for 0.5 seconds. If Sett grabbed at least one enemy on each side, all enemies are stunned for 1 second.

R — The Show Stopper



No cost

Ultimate: Sett grabs an enemy champion, carries them forward, then slams them into the ground. All enemies near the impact take 200 (+100) (+40% of the grabbed enemy's bonus health) physical damage and are slowed by 99% for 1.5 seconds. Enemies take less damage the further they are from where Sett lands.

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