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LoL, Patch 9.24 notes: Aphelios, Diana rework, Dawnbringer & Nightbringer skins

LoL, Patch 9.24 notes: Aphelios, Diana rework, Dawnbringer & Nightbringer skins
Table of Contents
  • New Skins
  • Champion Changes
  • Rune Changes
  • Miscellaneous

Choose between Night and Dawn with League of Legends next event, and pick your side with the Dawnbringer or the Nightbringer family skin! Alongside a quick rework of Diana, patch 9.24 is a heavy one!

LoL, Patch 9.24 notes: Aphelios, Diana rework, Dawnbringer & Nightbringer skins

Patch 9.24 is the last one before the end of the year — and before Christmas! For the occasion, League of Legends is welcoming plenty of new skins as well as a new moon-themed champion: Aphelios!

Did you say Moon?

It's also the opportunity for Diana to receive a consistency rework that should help her compete against the current dominators of the mid lane.

If you're a candy lover, then you'll be delighted by the Christmas skins: a brand new family, Sugar Rush!

If you want a more serious faction to pledge to, Riot is introducing a new event that will make you choose between Dawn and Night. Soraka, Karma, Nidalee, Aphelios, Vladimir, and Lee Sin will face each other in another never-ending conflict that will once again decide of Runeterra's fate!

Pick your side, and become either a Dawnbringer or a Nightbringer!

Table of Contents

New skins

  • Dawnbringer: Soraka, Karma, Nidalee
  • Nightbringer: Soraka, Aphelios, Vladimir, Lee Sin
  • Chroma: Karma, Dawnbringer Nidalee & Riven, Aphelios, Nightbringer Vladimir & Yasuo
  • Prestige Version: Nightbringer Lee Sin
  • Sugar Rush: Braum, Evelynn, Ziggs, Zilean
  • Chroma: Braum, Evelynn, Sugar Rush Ziggs & Zilean

Champion changes

  • Buffs: Amumu, Braum, Karma, Rammus, Sivir
  • Balancing: Diana (partial rework), Garen, Yuumi
  • Nerfs: Akali, Kassadin, Ryze, Senna

Runes changes

  • Nerf: Conqueror
  • Balancing: Omnistone


  • New Summoner icons
  • New emotes
  • New marker skins
  • Emote and icon celebrating FunPlus Phoenix's victory at the 2019 Worlds
  • Lux visual effect update
Check out Aphelios' incredibly complex spell kit

Although Senna has just been released, Riot Games are pressing ahead with their preseason content. Aphelios, League of Legends' 147th champion, has been unveiled as a new ADC/marksman — here's what we know so far.



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