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Hearthstone Guide: All about the new Demon Hunter prologue

Hearthstone Guide: All about the new Demon Hunter prologue

With Ashes of Outland, a new class was introduced to Hearthstone: the Demon Hunter — and you can unlock all cards from his basic set thanks to an entirely free prologue.

Hearthstone Guide: All about the new Demon Hunter prologue

This Year of the Phoenix really begins in a good way for Hearthstone!

With Ashes of Outland, the Demon Hunter is joining the fight, along its exclusive keyword Outcast! Hearthstone's next expansion is set to be released on April 7.

Embodied by the charismatci Illidan Stormrage, the Demon Hunter's class will receive 30 cards via a prologue campaign.

These four missions are a single-player mode which will allow you to receive, free of charge :

  • the 10 basic cards of the Demon Hunter
  • the 20 cards of the initiated set (which will belong to the year of the Dragon and will leave with them at the next rotation)
  • a pre-built deck of the Demon Hunter


Once the prologue is completed, the Demon Hunter will be available from April 7!

Find all the cards to unlock here!

All Demon Hunter cards revealed

With Ashes of Outland, a brand new class is making its debut in Hearthstone: the Demon Hunter. Check out all the cards that have already been revealed!

Demon Hunter Prologue


Mission 1: Illidan Stormrage against Azzinoth


You play a Mage deck against Azzinoth. His 4-mana allows him to equip the Warglaives of Azzinoth and he plays a deck hybrid, between a Demon Hunter and a Warlock. Azzinoth is the leader of an army of demonic invaders. You face it, of course, but you end up coveting its power.

You have many spells capable of handling enemy threats, do not hesitate to use them to prevent your opponent from developing too much. The blades can be dangerous, and it has many synergies with them, but you shouldn't have too much trouble winning this first fight.

Mission 2: Illidan Stormrage against Xavius


For this second fight, Illidan plays in cooperation with Xavius whose 2-mana hero power allows him to set the HP of a minion to 1.

Illidan wants to gain the confidence of Demons to obtain their powers — and you can help him by winning this fight. As a Mage, Illidan draws his strength from the Well of Eternity, controlled by Queen Azshara. Learning that she was responsible for the invasion of the demons, Illidan set out to acquire the immense power they could offer him. For this, he makes him join the ranks of Xavius who offers him the power of the Demon Hunter: the Demon Claws which costs (1) and gives you +1 ATQ.

The game begins with Xavius being Insensible, a Demonic Portal on your side that Summons unstable energy each turn. You must destroy 30 to win and stabilize the portal! Your opponent begins with a 3/1 minion with taunt.

Each turns the board changes sides and creates random minions for the one who doesn't have the portal. The goal is simple: with the help of AI, you will have to destroy all the minions created by the portal. Be careful however, some of these minions do a lot of damage, and you will have to destroy them quickly to hope to win the mission!

Mission 3: Illidan VS Mannoroth


Illidan, who harbors enormous hatred against his brother Malfurion, has regained the power of the Demons. Now it's time to betray them to go back to his brother and close the gate. Mannoroth's power deals 1 damage to all non-Demon minions. This time, Illidan has swapped his deck for Demon Hunter cards and takes on Mannoroth with the help of Malfurion, who summons Treant on your side.

Mannoroth does a lot of damage with Warlock cards in particular. Use your weapons and your minions to annihilate your opponent!

Illidan guarding part of the Well of Eternity, Malfurion announces to him that the Demons will always be a threat at the end of your fight, then announcing the last battle against Cenarius, your old ally.

Mission 4: Illidan vs Cenarius


Illidan has changed too much for its former allies, and confrontation seemed inevitable. So you face Cenarius, whose 2-mana hero power summons a 2/2 with Taunt.

Many Treants will be summoned and boosted. Quickly eliminate enemy threats before the boosts, and you'll be fairly quiet.

At the end of the fight, Cenarius comes back to life and Illidan is imprisoned in darkness for 10,000 years — but it was already too late, and the first Demon Hunter was born.

All Demon Hunter cards revealed

With Ashes of Outland, a brand new class is making its debut in Hearthstone: the Demon Hunter. Check out all the cards that have already been revealed!

Ashes of Outland brings a new class: Demon Hunter

For the first time since its launch, a new class appears in Hearthstone! Embodied by Illidan, the Demon Hunter is coming and will shake the meta upside down.


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